Monday, August 02, 2010

A little on life

Don't worry -- this isn't going to be profound by any means....just a little recap of life these days since I haven't posted in over a month.

Had a wonderful weekend with my husband. We got to really enjoy the weekend with nothing that we HAD to go and do besides Church on Sunday and sleeping in on Saturday (that was my contribution to the weekend!).

On Friday evening after dinner with some friends at Texas Tradition, R and I played Wii for a few hours (yes hours) but it wasn't Mario Bros this time, it was Wii Sports Resort. We ended up playing every 2+ person game and laughed and laughed! It was so nice to just relax, although a friendly compeition was going on during the games, and not THINK about anything!!! And it was just he and I and that's always a bonus.

Saturday he started tackling the garage and WOW he did GREAT!!!! He built himself a workbench from wood that was left in the home when it was built. So our cost was $0. MAGIC! It looks great and REALLY helps with storing his tools and all that. I was going to get the camera and snap some pics, but opted to just watch him and help out as I could. That evening we were back at Texas Tradition! ha! It's so YUM!

Sunday was Church and I'm so glad we went. I haven't been in quite awhile to a regular Sunday mass, it felt so good. Afterwards it was back home to tackle the garage again and we really put a dent in it! We'll probably get a few more shelves for the back wall and then it'll be really good to go! That evening after a long HOT HOT HOT day of work, we went 'into town' to hang out with his BF Mitch and his wife, son, brother and brother's gal. We swam for awhile, ate pizza and managed to get home around 10:30. I was EXHAUSTED and slept the 30 minute drive back to Katy. Thanks BABE for driving me home.

This morning was tough one to wake up to. In one week I'll be boarding a plane BACK to Egypt for 26 days. I'm SO not looking forward to it. :-( I know I'm truly blessed to see these places, but 3.5 weeks is a long time to be away from those you love, in a remote place, in a hotel, without fresh foods that you can eat without worrying about getting sick or how sick you'll get, without being stared at cause you're a Westerner or whatever. But, I'm trying to see if either Robert can come over on my miles I've earned OR see if I can get down to Luxor, in the lower Nile Valley to REALLY see some AWESOME ruins. Wish me luck.

This week I don't have stained glass class, but really am proud of the work I've done. I do have pictures of my Texas flag which I'll post as soon as I download them. Can't wait to get started on my BIG project for the bedroom. Guess that'll come in September!!!!

Have a great, blessed and prosperous week!