Friday, December 19, 2008

Thoughts and "lasts"

Hello everyone -- HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm really hoping to get all my work stuff done so I can enjoy the time I should be having off. I really really don't want to "work from home" but inevitably will and I really don't want to "come in on Monday" but still may. Oye.

So I just reminded myself of something as I was responding to my good friend Stephanie's recent blog -- I've had some of my first last's recently!!!! What do I mean?

Now that I'm ENGAGED! (yah! Yahoo! YIPPEE!) I've experienced some "last's" and there's NO TURNING BACK FOR ME, no siree bob!

I've had my last Halloween as a single lady. (we got engaged the friday before)
Robert's had his last Birthday as a single man!
We've both had our last Thanksgiving as Mr Corkren and Miss Chumchal. Next year will be Mr & Mrs Corkren. (cool!)

And I'm about to celebrate my last Christmas as a Chumchal. Well, ya'll know what I mean. :)

Some really cool "lasts". 10 months and it's all going forward from there!

MERRY CHRISTMAS with lots of love from Jamie CHUMCHAL! hee hee

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa's Gmail

Hopefully you can read this -- if not, let me know, I'll email it to you!


Hangin out at the house with her most favorite toy EVER - thanks to Granny -- her hot dog. She goes crazy over that thing!

Really -- how cute is she?? :-)

Lights in de Heights 2008

What another great party at Renee's! Everyone was in good form and had a great time!

Many thanks to Mom & Dad and Jenny & Nick for keeping an eye on the boys that night! No way would Robert and I have stayed out till 4 a.m. if they were at home on their own! Hee hee
Look at those HOTTIES! (darn pic won't turn the right way for me on here!)

Robert & Taylor (Rob asked Taylor to be a groomsman that night! Yay!)

Jamie & Robert (not too far into the drunkeness)
Me & the guys (Brad & Taylor)
Whoa!!! That shot must have been the one that did me in! 3 and it was ALL OVER!!
Apparently (according to Robert) we were telling jokes and having a good laugh! Good times gals!
Acting silly

Texans Game

The boys, Robert and I headed over to watch the Texans WIN against the Tennessee Titans. Go Texans!

The boys after the game ... they had fun! It was their first Professional Football Game.

Here is proof that I made it to the game. Hungover and all ... I was there!
Stinkin' Espresso Vodka shots! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

$1.39 & 9/10 per gallon

Yes, this is how much I paid for gas to fill up my Tahoe the other day. And it was at a Chevron.

I needed about 1/2 a tank, so 12.65 gallons and $18 dollar -- I was on my way.

Seriously -- $1.39!

AND -- YAY for Thursday being here!!! I have been looking forward to it since Sunday. My work week is over. Only 5 more days to go next week AND tonight is a girls night out at the Alley Theatre. We're doing an ornament exchange and have dinner at Birraporetti's. We're going to see the Santaland Diaries, which from the reviews is supposed to be a funny adult comedy! I can't wait! ... I hope everyone else is looking forward to it like I am!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Road Warrior

Well I finally racked up some miles on the car-o this weekend. :) (that one's for you KDK!)

Friday night Robert and I ventured over to Watson's to meet our friend Bryan for a few drinks. It was good fun and we had some good laughs. They especially liked posing for the Miller Lite girls. Of which the big picture magnet is hanging on our fridge!

Saturday morning I woke up early to hit the dusty trail back to Shiner. Picked up mom, met up with Dawn and Jenna and headed to K&K. We spent about 2 hours trying on dresses and even got Jenna in one. I can't wait to take Hana and Jenna out flowergirl dress shopping!!!!

Here's a few we found that were SOOO CUTE! this one was our favorite, I think!

This one was so precious -- it was cute in the front and had a little train in the back! aww.

So after shopping at K&K, Dawn and Jenna headed for San Marcos and Mom and I started our running around. We went and visited with the cake lady, then the wedding decorations lady, then -- yes -- we drove to Austin to try on the dress that is still the lead contender, just another time. It's still the most flattering!

After that mom and I went to Baby A's for dinner, since neither one of us had one single thing to eat ALL day. It was yummy. Then it was back to Shiner we went. We did stop off in Lockhart for a break at Wal-Mart then again in Gonzales to see what their material departments had. As we were walking out -- between the jewelry section and the electronics my heel slipped and down I went -- oh so graciously though. It was HILARIOUS!!! Mom turned around when one of the workers said "OH MY!!!". I bumped a stand and mom just cracked up. Seriuosly -- slooooow motion. We were laughing for a good 10 minutes!

We finally made it back to Shiner and although I had intended to go back to Katy that night, it was after 9p so I hung out with Mom and we did more wedding stuff on the computer. It was fun. I was sad my sisters weren't there with me, but hey -- we're all busy, especially THIS time of year!

Robert and I finished decorating the house for Christmas last night -- it looks good. We hung lights outside and are going to let the boys hang ornaments on the tree on Wednesday. This Christmas has completely snuck up on me!!!

AND ... might I add -- on the way to Austin on Hwy 71 I got a warning for having no front license plate on my car. Hello! That takes it down a notch! ha ha It was by a state trooper just barely outside Bastrop. He was in the turn land headed South on 71 while I was 2 or 3 cars deep headed North -- all stopped at a traffic light. What a booger. This is the 2nd warning I've gotten in my BMW in about 6 weeks -- for the same darn reason. It's a silly law if you ask me :)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Jaace is 14!!!!

I don't know if ya'll can believe it, I surely can't -- but on Wednesday Jaace turned 14! That is just complete craziness! He's 1/2 way done with 8th grade and will be driving soon.

Happy Birthday Jaacer Raacer!!!!
(here's one of him being silly)

We all met up in Wharton for a nice seafood dinner. Look how big our family's grown!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wedding Dress, Wedding Decor

I tell you what -- October 2009 is going to sneak up on me - I swear it! But we're getting things going and hopefully we'll be ahead of the game.

Last week Robert and his good friend (and groomsman) Ryan worked on one of our table decorations. Here they are hard at work:

Here is the 90% finished product. Robert stained it while I was out Black Friday shopping with the gals. We have clear votive holders to go in it and it looks really good! Way to go babe!

So while we were out on Black Friday, Mom had a wild hair up her purdel and wanted to go look at wedding dresses. And we did find one that is really flattering and very pretty!! Yes, I'm still "looking" but it always goes back to that one, which I believe was the 2nd one I tried on. Jenny and Jill loved it and Mom did too!! So we'll see. (big smile!) I don't know about for some of you other married women -- but it's all very SURREAL feeling right now. SO exciting and so just "wow"!

I went on Sunday to Ventura's here in Houston for a quick look at one particular dress. Although I liked these, the other one from Austin still "does it" for me -- so just a couple more shops then we'll be ORDERING! I'm hoping to have bridal portraits in April -- so need to get it ordered soon!

Here's a few I tried on at Venturas:
And today, with all good luck and the moon and stars and sun aligning, I'll be sending out the official "will you be my bridesmaid" packages. Hee Hee. Fun stuff!

Monday, December 01, 2008

GUMBO! Aaaahhh-yeeee

Check out my man cookin me up some yummy gumbo. He put a twist on it with his duck and goose addition, which I steared clear of. It was so good! Thanks Babe.

Boy - he's trained right already!