Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jenny at 80

Jenny -- you know I love you and I KNOW you'll get a GOOD laugh out of this.

This is a picture of you at 80. (if anyone who's been around Jenny when there's good music and plenty of drinks-a-flowin' .... you've seen her do her split .... for entertainment! Good times!!)

Love ya!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jaace is a Freshman!

Man -- that just doesn't even seem right to say that. I remember the day mom told us she was pregnant like it was yesterday -- and darn near to the day it was 14 years ago. She told us in May, right before my softball game in Shiner .... which I was late to, but eagerly spread the good news and EVERYONE was so excited (except our coach, Dobber - ya'll remember the guy from Coach???, who was a complete moron)! I was a Junior in high school. And now -- he's just a week or so away from completing Jr High and being a Freshman.
It weighs heavy on my heart cause I love him so much and he's growing up -- has grown up -- so fast! So many people were involved in his life from his youngest years -- so he's like a distant lil bro to so many. But I'm also excited for him, however selfish I feel, that he's got some of his MOST FUN and best years right in front of him.

So before the tears fall -- here's a few pics of him at his 8th grade party from May 9th, 2009.
Eventhough he did NOT want to take ANY pictures -- I got him to AND made him give a little shit-grin. Hee Hee
Jaace & the boy (who I forget his name, maybe it's Chase?), who is obviously the class clown
Brady, Jaace, Chase?, & Austin posing like the studs they wanna be
Prizes for the kids
Proud Momma's -- they are ALWAYS the loudest and rowdiest at the boys' games and events.
Mom, Renee & Gail
They will cry like babies when graduation comes -- we all will!
I love you Jaace! You'll always be my Jaacer-Raacer. My Mo More. ;-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Heather & Casey's Wedding

A few pics from the beautiful day -- May 2, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shoe Shopping

Bizzzzzy Bees

I guess that's no surprise to those who know me and Robert. It's ALWAYS something to do, somewhere to go, someone to visit -- all good things!

So this weekend was a really good one! Finally, a weekend where all us Chumchal gals and their guys made it home for a visit. Happy Mother's Day MOM!!!! We love you!!

Friday started with a nice surprise -- my WEDDING DRESS arrived!!! A month early -- how cool is that?! And how in the heck was i going to WAIT till THIS week to get it? Luckily my wonderful fiance came and picked me up from work and we went to Ventura's to pick up the very special package. (it was hidden from him -- he's not seeing even a thread of it for 5 more months!!!)
Of course I tried it on at Ventura's, - fit perfectly, then at home that night for Mom and on Saturday for Dad. Thumbs up all around!

Saturday was another busy one -- Meeting with Father Bob, antiquing in search of some special lights, lunch at Mi Casa in Yoakum, back home to work on a sign for the wedding (which we completed and looks freakin awesome!!!!), visit with everyone who was at the party at the house, then to a wedding for a couple hours, then back to mom and dad's to finish up the party! I haven't had that many laughs in quite awhile -- SUMMER!! FANCY!!! CHUCKIE!!! "I'll cut yer throat!" Good stuff. Not to mention Roberto was feeling quite good (4 or 5 mixed drinks later) and lovey when I got back from the wedding. As long as he meant all his professions of love -- I'm quite happy!!!! ha ha ha

Sunday was Mother's Day at Mamaw & Papa Chumchal's, then back to Houston to visit with Robert's mom then home for a quick workout and VACUUMING of the house. I couldn't take it any more. House looks great again! I also had to work on getting some pics ordered off of Kodak Gallery before they shut my 5.2 GB (?) of photos I have stored on there down. Thank goodness I had an order ready to go!

So here we are at Monday -- just working for the weekend! Everyone have a GREAT week!!