Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where the HAIL did that come from?

These pics were taken around 9 a.m. this morning in Shiner.

Crazy Texas Weather at its best....

Hopefully Shiner got some much-needed rain! And when the hail melts, the flowers will bloom! :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Begonias & more

Since I had my camera with a little life left in it yesterday, I snapped a few signs of Spring: Bright view of the pretty flowers:
Alas -- my begonias!!! Which, might I add, have been flowering beautifully since January. I've managed to keep them alive since last Summer and they are going strong!! Low maintenance, folks!! Getcha some!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rodeo Wrap-Up

The 2009 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is now a thing of the past. These last 21 days have FLOWN by! It was fun as it always is, however it's always nice to see it go....just to get back to normal life, as scary as that may be.

But here's my take on the performances I saw... of which were the ones I was scheduled to work at. No playing at the Rodeo for me this year! Which was sad, actually. :(

March 3 - Rascal Flatts -- for the opening night of rodeo, this performance was terrible, at best. And I only saw maybe 1 song! Sad Sad Sad

March 4 - Alan Jackson - always a pleasure. He kept it short and sweet -- Thank you AJ!

March 7 - Trace Adkins - I don't remember 1 thing about his performance. Had a good time while I was there, but don't remember a thing. Hosted Jenny and Nick and their friends that night and -- GOOD TIMES! They never made it to the Hideout, and I was only there for 2 songs, so no biggie.

March 10 - Toby Keith - Good performance, as he always does. Crowd went wild of course.

March 13 - Clint Black - On my BIRTHDAY of all days! But he was surprisingly GREAT!!! Well, as great at CB gets. He looked so laid-back and relaxed, I was pleasantly surprised.

March 16 - Darius Rucker - Anyone who missed this missed THE BEST performer of the Rodeo and of anyone I've ever seen. He was SO EXCITED to be there and showed off his buckle proudly. His voice is AMAZING!! Ahhh....he was sooooooooooo good! I will soon be enrolling Robert in voice lessons to mimick Darius! :)

March 19 - Pat Green - Did a good job. Even brought his son up there at the very end. Cute! Way to go Pat. Haven't seen him play that good in years! Not to mention -- Robert and the boys were in the Grand Entry! Matt was CHEESING it up, as you can imagine and Jr and Robert were all smiles too. They were so cute on the big-screen!

March 22 - ZZ Top - Now this was a hoot! Not that anyone could understand what words they were saying or singing, it was fun. I found out they sing "Sharp Dressed Man" and "The Girls Got Legs...and she knows just how to use them". LOL They are icons in their own right and Houston boys on top! I found their furry guitars that they switched to a bit of a laugh. And the fact that they stayed in step with each other perfectly. I guess after singing together for 40 years, (started in 1969) you do get pretty good.

Would love to know your thoughts on any of these you may have attended.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Irish Are Special to Me

because I'm MARRYING one!!! Exciting! Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!!!

I"ll become a Corkren in 7 months from today!!! Wow! I better get on the stick! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's my birthday

Yep .. today is my 32nd birthday. I'm ok with saying it. I don't feel like I'm getting closer to 40...I'm young at heart. That counts, right?

It's been a whirlwind of a day so far. I'm at work, and the piles and overwhelmingness of a new role is getting to me. I have to work at the Rodeo tonight, but luckily Robert switched his shift so will be there too. Tomorrow I have a 7 a.m. gym appointment, then we'll head to Wimberley, possibly via Shiner, for my dear friend Stephanie's wedding. We have a hotel for the night, then it'll be up EARLY to be back in Katy before 9:30 church. So...not much of a relaxing birthday weekend....but all good stuff to come.
Robert had probably 3 dozen roses for me this morning at the house. It was nice to wake up to!
Not sure what else the day holds, but we'll see!
Happy Friday the 13th!

Monday, March 09, 2009

We are NOT a lost generation ........ yet


Check this link out....really very good.

Rodeo Houston!

Well, Rodeo is in full-swing. Again. It comes so fast and goes even faster!

I'm still on Suites West, as a Captain this year for Team A. Robert is on Team B, so he works the days after I do. We've not seen too much of each other lately due to conflicting schedules, Rodeo, and he's been away. 2 more weeks and Rodeo 2009 will be a thing of the past.

Had a good time on Saturday out at the Rodeo. Jenny and Nick with their friends Garrett and Stephanie came up to my Storeroom for some drinks (and shots!). I then met up with them after I was off. Were supposed to head to the Hideout for a few more drinks, but Jenny and Garrett decided to ride the SPEED ride at the carnival. Good stuff! I got there just in time to watch them twisting and turning several stories above. Jen said it's a "must-ride"! So I'll have to get on there at some point.

It was great to hang out for a bit and see some of the fam! I haven't been to Shiner in over a month and am not sure when I'll be back....I hate being away for that long. :( We may make a run-through on Saturday or Sunday as we head to a wedding in Wimberly...but I'm not sure yet. Just depends. If not, I'll be back for the weekend of March 27th -- for the ENTIRE weekend - Thursday through Sunday! YAY!!!!! Looking forward to that!

Have a great Monday, ya'll!