Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WIPEOUT -- hell yeah!

Oh My Gosh! Stephanie and I watched THE funniest show on tv last night. It's called Wipeout and it's just starting. We saw a preview for it on Monday night and were ROLLING and then - lo & behold, it was on last night.

Ya'll know those shows that come on Comedy Central or late night tv -- the ones where it's Japanese and Chinese people going through obstacles and usually making asses of themselves? Ya'll know the ones, right? They fall into mud pits and well it's just generally hilarious. Not to mention the English-speaking commentators that voice-over the Asian ones -- and their comments are hilarious! Well -- it's now in AMERICA! It starts out with 12 contestants and the winner gets $50K. Not to shabby.

Stephanie and I watched it last night and OMG it was HILARIOUS!!! I literally could not breathe and we both had tears rolling down our faces.

You can BET we'll be watching it next week, on whatever channel and whatever time it comes on! It's so refreshing to laugh like that! I believe the next one is July 8th.

Have a good week & weekend!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Frio River Trip 2008

Well, we survived another year at the Frio. The river was a bit low, but the fun was in-plenty! Robert and his sons and I headed to Shiner last Tuesday night so as to help everyone get ready on Wednesday morning for the trip.

Everyone had a great time. This was the first time for many -- Robert's 2 boys, Jill's boyfriend Tom, and Mandy & Scott's 2-month old Avery! Good fun was had by all!
We had a quick stop between Shiner & Gonzales because something came loose, I think, on the trailer.
Breakfast at the Kettle in Seguin. 24 and counting -- 10 more joined us later.

Yes, that's 2 freezers, chairs, storage containers, an air compressor and BBQ pit you see!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SEEING is believing

Just a couple shots taken yesterday of Kenzi's puppies -- who are now 2 weeks old. Their eyes are open and they are starting to really scoot around!

It's going to be SO MUCH FUN to watch them play together in the coming weeks!

Here is Jillian holding the only little boy -- he is so precious -- she says he reminds her of Kenzi when she was that little.

Here is one of Kenzi nursing. Poor thing. Imagine having 4 kids nursing at once. I don't know how women with multiples do it!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kenzi's Babies ....

Are growing! They look like little piglets! But are oh-so-cute!!!

This past week was a big one for them -- t hey had their tails nipped. Awwww.

Enjoy the pic ... They are 1-week old here:

Mexico was Perfecto!

The Mighty Rio Grande
We had SUCH a good time this weekend heading to The Border. Laredo or Bust, folks! Waldo, Janie, Bucky & Alyssa, Randy, Dad, Mom, Jenny & me were Laredo & Mexico - bound. Why? For pots. :) And we succeeded, I tell you! With lots of laughs and drinks and fun and some really good snags -- we are ready to go back -- with more trucks or even a trailer next time. Who's game?!?!?

(more pictures coming through Kodak Gallery -- so many good ones to choose from! so let me know if you want to see them! Most are on my Facebook page too)

"Humping Turtles," according to Cuz
Pots, Pots & MORE POTS! Cervezas & Margaritas -- YUM
My purchases -- they are great!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Viva Laredo!

ha! Mom, Dad, Jenny and I are loading up and heading to Mexico. Yep -- we're crossing the border!

It's going to be a fun day in Mexico. We are heading South with the Boehm's, the Machacek's, maybe the Strauss', maybe the Schaefer's for a day of shopping and no doubt a few (quite a few) margaritas!!!

I'll be sure to post pictures and an update on the adventure next week.

I don't know what I'll look like after a day of drinking, but here is what my boyfriend looks like:

This was Robert being silly at Baker Street Tuesday night. Niiiiiice. He's so purty.

Last night was Bunco and I WON for most LOSSES! I ain't complaining though -- made my contribution for the evening a whopping $2. Sweet! Had a GREAT time with the girls -- missed those that weren't with us and will miss those that are leaving us :-(

Thursday, June 05, 2008

15, yes I said 15

Robert Jr had birthday yesterday and turned, yes you guessed it, 15!

I asked "my" Robert if he felt old having a 15-year old. Of course he was like "nooooo!" but I really wonder.

We had a nice evening -- dinner at Sushi Hana in Katy -- which was completely YUM! Here's a pic of Jr and his birthday surprise.

When we got home we all went for a walk at the local elementary school's track. On the way home Dad and Jr had a sprint race -- DAD WON!!! But of course Jr said he had to stop because he started laughing at how dad was running. I don't buy it. An out-of-shape 35 year old beat an in-shape 15 year old. There's something to be said for Robert's chicken legs!!!

Here's a picture or 2 of my sweet Sophie going to town on her rawhide bone. She LOVES these things. Granny gave her this one -- I couldn't get a decent picture (like usual) cause she kept moving her head! She was SO GOOD last night on the walk. We went to the park WITHOUT a leash and well, she was just perfectly precious!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cute Shoes

Now what woman doesn't love a new pair of shoes? Isn't there a song about that?

I was at Dillard's the other day -- my favorite department store!!! and of course they were having a great sale.

I got these cuties for $17.25 Did I need them? Probably not. Do I love them? You bet!

Typically these shoes are NOT for me, they make my foot look long and weird at the top -- these are the exception. For 75% off the regular price ($69) how could you not love them? :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The puppies are here! The puppies are here!

Yep -- Kenzi had her babies -- so I'm not sure if that makes me an Aunt or a great-aunt or what -- but it's fun all the same!!!!

Poor baby went into labor around 5 pm on Saturday and had the last one around 11 pm. She was quite uncomfortable through it, but it was her first time giving birth, so no doubt this was ALL new to her. Kenzi was such a trooper though and had her FOUR puppies with no problems. She did what she needed to do and is the perfect mommy.

Here are pictures of the little ones. 3 girls, 1 boy. We're all so proud!! FYI -- they are registered Miniature Schnauzer's
Kenzi checking out Baby Girl #1
Mommy and 3 of her babies

Here's the little guy

How cute is she?!?!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Blood Types

I admit -- I am 31 years old and just found out my blood type last week(read on) -- after I gave blood for the FIRST TIME ever! I have tried in the past, but never could give because I'd been on antibiotics or just taken an advil or something silly like that -- but not this time. Hess was sponsoring a blood drive and I joined in.

Did you know? There are five liters of blood in the adult human body, which is about 7 percent of your total body weight. The entire blood supply makes a complete circuit of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and back to the heart every 60 seconds.

There are four major blood types, O, A, B and AB. Nearly half the population is type O, and they can donate blood to people with all other blood types but can only receive type O blood. The rarest blood type, AB, is present in about 4 percent of the population. These people can receive all types of blood.

There are about 75 to 100 trillion cells in the body, about 25 trillion of which are red blood cells. An individual red blood cell contains about 250 million molecules of the iron-containing protein called hemoglobin, which is capable of picking up four molecules of oxygen. As a result, a single red blood cell can deliver up to 1 billion molecules of oxygen.

Laid end-to-end, the arteries, capillaries and veins in the average child would stretch for about 60,000 miles and, in the average adult, would be about 100,000 miles — enough to wrap around the world at least twice.

Well -- the BEST NEWS OF ALL is that my blood type is -- yes, AB+!!!!! I think it's pretty cool -- at first anyway because I thought I could give to others, but in actuality I can receive all other blood types. So maybe, it's more of a weird feeling afterall. But if I keep on giving then maybe my blood can be used for someone else who NEEDS AB blood, eventhough they can use O blood. Well crap -- now I don't know how I should feel!!!! :-)

Oh well -- hey -- at least I know my blood type now! :-) That's a start!

Weekend Re-Cap

My beautiful Sophie relaxing this weekend -

What a great weekend!!! It was so nice and relaxing! I soaked in as much sun as I could which was Weekend Objective #1!

I got home last Thursday night to find Jillian up putting grades into her gradebook for the last time in her first year of teaching. She was GLAD to have this year behind her.

Up early on Friday morning to drive Jaace to school on his last day (8th grade here he comes!). He went to a pool party after that which was fun but he came back a little redder than he expected. :-) But it's been SO HOT around here lately, it's not surprising!

Mom, Jillian and I met up for lunch on Friday at the little sandwich shop in Shiner. It was yummy, then I popped across the street to see my cousin Ryan in his new job at the First National Bank. He was on a late lunch (slacker!) ha ha! Friday night I was at the Yoakum High School graduation watching Nikki Debord graduate then celebrate afterwards. It was great! I just cannot believe she is 18 and on to college!!! That makes me feel REALLY old!!!!!

Nikki receiving her diploma

Saturday was more time by the pool, then BIG NEWS -- Kenzi had her puppies! They are SO CUTE!!!! 3 girls and a little boy. Poor baby -- she was in labor from about 5 pm till 11 pm. This was her first time to give birth and the look in her eyes was "oh my gosh what is going on with me and PLEASE make it stop!" I just wanted to take the pain away from her. But she's a GREAT mommy and is so loving to her pups. They are black with just a bit of white underneath on a few, but there is one that is black and white. CUTE!!!! So -- if you know of anyone wanting a registered miniature Schnauzer -- give us a call in a couple months! :-)

I spent Sunday with Mamo helping her around the house then we went to Mary's for lunch. She had carpel tunnel surgery last week so needed some help washing dishes and sweeping. I was glad to do it. Then I treated her to lunch -- YUMMY!!! Took a quick dip in the pool before heading back to Houston to face the work week.

And here I am. (unlike my sisters and some friends who are starting their SUMMER VACATION!) NICE! Enjoy it ladies -- you all deserve it!

Some pictures from this weekend -

Sophie chilling out by the pool. I'm definitely getting her a "summer cut" asap! She was so HOT this weekend -- but heck, we all were!

Bella chewing a bone -- this was the ONLY one that turned out halfway ok of her!