Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nothing EVER comes easy

Well, some days that is my feeling.

So October 17, 2009 is the date Robert and I have picked to be married. WELL -- that day only has a 90% chance of going forward. In my gut, I feel like everything will be alright, but ....

The Shiner Brewery turns 100 next August. That is great. But there are ALL KINDS of rumors circulating. Will they have a celebration? Will it be in August? Will it be in Shiner? Will they bring back Bocktoberfest? Will it be on the 3rd weekend of October? Will it be the 2nd weekend? Will they have anything at all?

Of course the Gambrinas company is all HUSH HUSH about it which is SO frustrating!!! Good for them but it's KILLING ME!!!! The more I think about it the more upset I get.

My fear is people would come to the wedding for a little while, then go to the 'fest. I don't want that! I want people to stay and have a great time.

Am I thinking too much? Would people really do that? (yes, I believe so)

I dunno -- but this really sucks. There are 2 weekends in September that are possibilities -- I GUESS, but I REALLY want October 17.


So see -- nothing ever comes easy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Engagement Weekend - Talk about BUSY!

So this weekend has simply flown by, simiply because it was jam-packed even BEFORE the engagement! Saturday morning Robert was up early to go help out at the West Memorial Elementary PTA Carnival. I slept in till around 8 a.m. Then the texts, phone calls and emails started (or continued!). It was GREAT!! I cannot thank you all enough for your comments and thanks and well-wishes and 'about time' 's! ha ha I hope to get to respond to you each soon!
Just be sure to MARK Oct 17, 2009 on your calendar -- it's going to be one heck of a party!!
So after the carnival Robert helped clean up while I went to meet Karena out for a quick bite and to show her the ring. We then headed to Wharton to surprise Jenny. (Nick and Robert and I had planned for a couple weeks to come up this weekend to visit and go to a play.) She initially thought we drove that way just to show her the ring. Hee Hee
We went to the play -- Of Mice and Men -- which was good, but the wine made me sleepy!
Sunday Mom, Dad, Jillian and Jaace came to Wharton for lunch to Congratulate us! It was great! We headed back to Katy early, went look at a house in Fulshear, back to Robert's, then more phone calls, emails and texts.
Everyone has been so supportive -- it's incredibly humbling. Robert and I are SO BLESSED!
Lots of love from the soon-to-be Corkren's!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Date's Set

Also -- mark your calendar's for October 17, 2009.

Everything is booked and ready!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy Day -- We're ENGAGED!

Yes!! It's finally happened and I said YES!!!!

Well, what I kept saying was "this isn't real, this isn't real" but I did slip a "YES!" in there too!
Tonight has been nothing but SURREAL.

He proposed around 8:30pm tonight and totally caught me off guard. We had plans to meet up with our friends Brad & Jenny so followed through with that at The Tilted Kilt. Have a look:

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Robert TOTALLY got me yesterday!!!! Aren't they gorgeous???
I even told the guy when he brought in this weird shaped box that he was in the wrong place. Are you sure it's for me? Who is it from? THE DEPT OF AGRICULTURE? What do they want? Are you SURE you're sure???

And as soon as I opened the box -- these are what I saw wrapped securely. They are so beautiful! I love you babe!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Houston Texans -- a win?!

Yep -- made it to their first win of the 2008 season with a show-stopping win over the Miami Dolphins.

Despite the game -- we had a great time with Ted & Lecia! AWESOME seats -- just below the owner's box - 41 was there! Check out some of the pics below:
41 and the Mrs.
Dolphins going for an extra point
Robert and me after the game!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

North Dakota Trip

So last week I flew up with some colleagues to visit Hess' North Dakota operations. I tell you what -- it was a great trip! We flew up Monday on the Hess charter flight out of Sugar Land -- direct flight into Williston, ND with 7 other Hess employees. Williston is a very small town (~1,500 people) and Applebee's was where we hit dinner that first night. It is one of 3 restaurants in town!

Tuesday was off to view our 3D Seismic Acquisiton which was already underway. It was about an hour outside Williston and about 10 minutes from our Tioga Office.
Here is the helicopter bringing a bag to drop at a new location (bag contains geophones & extension cords, which a group of folks walk to and hook up). This is our Staging Area. This is also the helicopter we got to fly on!!!! What a beautiful day it was! Jason and Kevin -- our seismic bird-dogs, doing what they do best. (standing around chatting) HA HA
Geologists doing what geologists do best (looking at squiggly lines). Actually, Rob the Hess geologist (far right) was a GREAT tour guide. Here he's showing the group some of what he analyzes.
The group of us by the big Thumper (this is what actually shoots the seismic waves down into the earth.) Pretty cool! You feel the ground shake! And yes, that's me on the left in a hardhat. :)
Aerial view of the local wildlife (cows) from the helicopter.

On Wednesday we headed into Stanley in HURRICANE FORCE winds to tour one of our land rigs. Like I said -- a great trip overall!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Check out these to studly dudes! Robert & Taylor all geared up for the evening.
Kenny the Scotsman
Jamie & Jennifer
So on Saturday Robert's colleague (Bartlette) and friend (Dave) got married at their home in Bellville. Robert said it's "country-casual" and to dress country. Well shoot -- I can do that -- but that's typically in jeans and boots. So I put my thinking cap on and knew what I'd wear. It meant a quick run to Shiner to buy a new pair of dressy boots (Yes, I looked for them in Houston but no luck -- I had found them at Beran's in Shiner a couple weeks ago and KNEW I should have bought them then!). Anyway -- as you can see I had on my dress, jean jacket, pretty necklace borrowed from Jill and of course -- my new brown boots. CUTE! Howevvvvvver -- when we get to the wedding, there are no other women in "country casual"! Ohhhh man! I didn't know how to react. So I just decided I was going to get drunk and started straight away on the crown & sprite. It didnt fail me and soon after the reception the ladies donned their boots too. Maybe they were envious of me being so comfy in my 'country-casual'! HA HA HA

Friday, October 10, 2008


I just thought this was a cute picture of our Bella Rose that was taken a couple weekends ago. She's so fun! And she loooooooooves her Granny (my mom).

Port Royal - ohhh the memories

So it was Port Royale (with the "e') back in the day and the rock slide is gone and it was immediate family this year -- but our first trip back to Port A, Mustang Island and Port Royal was GREAT!!! 2 new tube slides replace the rock slide which I went on ohhh about 100 times - no exaggeration. The beach was really nice (Thanks Ike!) and well -- you can't go too wrong with a weekend with the Chumchal's. We definitely have to go back next year and for an additional day!

HOWEVER -- it can never go without a few kinks. We spent the first 45 minutes at Pohler Tire Center in Shiner getting ALL the stems replaced on the Suburban (which also needs new tires). Robert and I nearly broke up. We had to leave early on Sunday to bury a very dear friend of the family. Luckily it was a great temperature outside so the water was perfect and the sun too. It did get windy on Saturday evening -- but it only made the scenery better as we laughed for a good 30 minutes at a couple of guys trying to barbeque! Quite amusing! I believe the one guy's fajitas went from tenderized beef to jerky, REAL QUICK! :)

Here's a few pictures -
The pools are still as awesome as ever:
I think this is Jenny going off the slide - hee hee - good times!Look at those studs and hot momma!
Playing in the sand is fun at ANY age!
Up-close with our Colossal Castle