Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July Weekend = Half Moon Holiday's for us Shinerites!

So this is what we did on 4th of July weekend! I LOVE Shiner - it's my HOME! Always has been, always will be! The first full weekend in July is the Shiner Half Moon Holiday's festival. They moved it into town this year (from the big park just off the main highway) and my preference is the old way, but I guess it's up to the Chamber to decide.

Enjoy the pictures!

Me and my bestie! Diva's! LOL
 Miss Sophie sweatin' it out! (trust me, she wouldn't have it any other way!)
 Part of our group
 Here comes the Color Guard. Always gives me chills......
 And the very LOUD fire trucks!
 Shiner Royalty (I used to be up there - a 1,000 moons ago!)
 Shiner High School Marching Band - Go Band!!!
 A parade isn't a parade without the Polka Lovers Klub of America!
 American Legion members from the Schulenburg post
 No small-town parade is complete without a tractor contingent!
 Granny's and Grandpa's and babies, oh my!
 Best Float EVER! I love HEB!!!!
 Nice ride
 Yoakum Royalty
 Bubba! Leading the trailriders.
 Had a couple of wagons in the trailride as well
 Matt snagged the watermelon!!! It was so funny watching him sprint out there to grab it!
 Relaxing after the parade. 
Hope you had a great 4th!
Happy blogging, y'all!

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 4th, 2012

This is what we did on our Wednesday off of work to celebrate our great country's independence. It was a GREAT day!

We took a little ride on this little doozie - the Andromeda! (yours truly perched on the deck trying to not get sick! *sigh*)
And on our way out of the bay we passed by these lil' ole cottages. (WOW! they are something else and one after another -- what a life!)
And we cruised on through Kemah. That's The Beast there -- fun speed boat guaranteed to thrill ya a little and chill ya a little more! We watched it a few times when we were in the bay.
And that's my man doing a little fishing. (thank goodness we had the Star Wars rod! whew!)
Our gracious hosts and lil baby girl Snickers! awww
Hold the picture taking!!!! FISH ON!!!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???
Some sort of catfish with more than usual pinchers that supposedly hurt. I ain't jumpin in there, ya'll!
 And of course Matt was not going to be out-done by his daddy-o. When we got back to the dock he caught a mullet with a net! LOL Fisherman for life!
 Silly boys! 
And this little one stayed on my lap pretty much the entire ride. She was feeling about as good as I was. Darn diesel fumes get me every time. But....I was a trooper and kept praying I wouldn't feel icky. I still had a great time!
Thanks Blaine & Lindy for an AWESOME time! It really was! Thanks for sharing your boat with us for the day!

Happy blogging, y'all!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Here's to wishing everyone a very happy fourth of july! I do not plan to be in front of any computer, blackberry, or iphone tomorrow, so I wanted to wish you all the best a day early.

Enjoy it by being thankful, spending time with friends and family and just enjoying the day! I know I am extremely thankful for the wonderful luxuries of living in the greatest nation on Earth has and for every man and woman - past, present & future - that takes on the journey of keeping America's freedom alive!

God Bless the USA!!!

Monday, July 02, 2012


Yes, I have to admit, I was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY overambitious this weekend with what I wanted to get done with paint. OVER-AM-BITIOUS! It was a great weekend all in all. FINALLY one spent at our house for the most part, and sprinkled with family! BEST part of the weekend!

So Friday night was a surprise birthday party night out after a VERY STRESSFUL day of dealing with FedEx. I'm sorry - but man they are a PAIN in the u-know-what to deal with sometimes. :(

Saturday was as planned for most of the day. I meant to have pictures of the before, and why didn't I take some, I don't know. I remembered to capture the moments when I already had everything OFF the shelves. *sigh*

but here's a start to our my Laundry Room re-do:
AFTER I have nearly everything out. Looks better already! HA!
  And here's all the "stuff" from the Laundry Room
 After it's painted (which these darn pics don't do it justice - MUCH brighter in here now!!!) with the NEW shelf the hubster made for me!
Saturday evening the hubster and I zoomed to my sister's to take care of this little guy. All of 10 days old! Love! (I was soooo exhausted after painting that tiny room -- if you cant' tell!)
 Uncle Bert, Hud and our little girl - Sophinator! <3
 And on Sunday I got to play with this little rugrat! Love him! He's a hoot and a toot, sometimes! :)
Happy Monday ya'll. It's quittin' time!