Thursday, July 28, 2005

$1.00 Hot Dogs & Baseball -- life is good

So my parents are bringing my brother up tonight as we've got tickets to the Astros game! WOO HOO! A client of mine, Jay, hooked us up with seats in the Crawford Boxes. I think it'd be so awesome if we caught a homerun ball! Jaace would be SO excited. He was pretty pumped when I told him I got tickets. Good stuff. It's the 'stros vrs the NY Mets. 7:05 pm and it's $1 hot dog night. I'm not sure which is more exciting? ha ha ha Supposedly there is some good pitcher for the Mets pitching tonight, so we'll see. I think Jaace wants to see how Carlos Beltran does against his former Astro teammates.

Pictures to come tomorrow . . . . .

Off to Texadelphia for lunch today -- which I never knew it originated in Austin. I was immediately corrected by a Longhorn friend of mine when I told him "that's an Aggie thing"!

Preparing for tomorrow - when I put a girl I work with in place. Enough is enough. She's got no idea this is coming -- so it'll be interesting! No doubt it will warrant it's own separate post on here!!!

Happy Days are yours and mine!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big Dogs should be synonymous with OUTSIDE

I am too kind for my own good sometimes. So I'm house-sitting for a colleague which has 2 dogs. Have you ever read "Hank the cowdog"? I don't know their specific type but that's who they remind me of -- of Hank. One is great -- he's an older soul and very mild mannered (altho he hates men and will bite them supposedly). The other -- OH OH OH the OTHER -- he's worse than a menace! My first night there was Monday night and on Tuesday I kenneled him in his metal cage in the master bathroom with that door and the bedroom door closed, as instructed. Well, when I got home all hell broke loose! He'd bent the METAL, yes metal, on his kennel and got out. All of my personal effects were lathered in dog slobber and dog hair and strewn across the room. If anyone knows me -- that's where I draw the line!!! Just leave my stuff alone pup! :-) I nearly cried! Jewelry, makeup, toiletries, clothes (some), bags, medicine, and a list of other things were destroyed! Granted, I had this all put up away from him in the event that he moved his cage to the edge of the sink and could latch on to something and pull it down. Little did I expect for him to friggin bend metal!!!

THEN -- when I let him out while I was cleaning up the mess, he decided to get into mud, which meant he trapesed through the house and now the carpet is dirty too.

After awhile I calmed down and he's going to the kennel today. Altho this morning he's running loose in the house with the much calmer dog, so I'm a bit worried about how the house is going to look upon my return.

I nearly wanted to beat the crap out of him this morning too as he wouldn't come back inside the house so I could leave for work. Lucky for me I'm a lover not a fighter!

DISCLAIMER: No animals were hurt during this time. I've got more control than that.

Hence, the title of this entry -- i'm sorry ya'll, but big dogs should be kept outside! They've got too much energy and desire to run around in the great big younder instead of being cooped up by 4 walls.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Awake from the Dead

Alright -- yes, I still live! So sad that I've not updated my blog in oh say 3 months -- but I'm a busy gal! (ok, no excuses) Blame it on me being homeless and not having one decent internet connection to save my life! :-)

Life has been crazy recently! Work is work and with all the drama here I am worn out! It sucks when you're always stuck in the middle of things yet have ZERO desire to be. Ah well, all in a days work. If I knew how to post a song to this here bloody blog I'd post "take this job and shove it" ha ha

Actually, it's going to continue to be a good 2005 . Europe was soooo awesome and wow the time I had! Off to the Northeast in August for a week and half -- New York City, Boston MA, Greenwich CT and a few other towns in the area. I am to go to Calgary at some point as well with a trip down to fun New Orleans for a bit too. Not to mention our 10-yr class reunion. SCARY! And I am to head back to Scotland for a few weeks in September -- back JUST in time for BOCKTOBERFEST! yahoo! Should be good fun - but the planning is wearing my patience thin! ha ha ha

Anyway -- of those of you who read this -- I hope to see you at the monumental event of Scott Werner's wedding on August 6. I wouldn't miss it! Can't wait to share a cold one with ya!