Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina -- puts a real damper on things

Man -- what a mess Louisiana / Mississippi / Florida are in. Louisiana more than anything! Hurricane Katrina is wreaking her havoc.

I was just in New Orleans on Wednesday -- not even a week before it hit. And I was thinking "man -- I need to spend a weekend in the Big Easy again soon!" But from what I've been hearing, the city may never be the same!

God bless them all ...

Friday, August 26, 2005

TWO Friday's in a row ...

It's funny -- as I start typing this there is a "recover post" insignia and I think "hmmm...Recover....that's what I'm doing today!"

Another good night out last night! First night of the official PISS club (Petrodata International/Intelligent Spy Sista's club). Maria, Claire & myself rallied the boys and ended up shutting down Champp's. I didn't know that place stayed open till 2 a.m.! Crikey! Good times had by all. Lots of good memories shared. Next meeting is in October -- when Claire is over again from Aberdeen.

Talk about Thursty (yes I know it's thirsty) Thursday's. Last week was getting schnockered with Karena at Taco Milagro & winding it down at Sherlock's. This week was $1.00 pints at Champp's then 4 intense games of pool. Magic!

Looking forward to the next one! Thanks for the good memories again Maria, Claire, Brennan, Steve, Robert, George, Brad & Jenny!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Pub Crawl, Shiner Texas Style

Read all about this on Robert's blog, as no doubt it will be posted eventually. (with pictures of the places)

Started out with a dollar cup, which are no longer dollar cups but $1.75 cups at Howard's, then out to Green-Dickson Park to watch a little volleyball, off to the 10th Inning for a beer & some tunes. Next to Antiques, Art & Beer -- which I was unimpressed with but RB will differ on that opinion. Where else but ending up at Kloesel's cause nothing else was open!

Good fun!

Here's a thought I had in the course of the night -- wonder if anyone walked into Tiger Tote, bought a 6-pack and sat down in the eating area and drank it. I think that would be funny as hell! .... maybe next time ....