Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interesting TidBit

So I was at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day picking up a wedding present. Did you know that they will honor even the expired 20% off coupons? COOL! AND .. if you have to order something in the store that they don't have in stock that they will waive the shipping and handling fee? I thought that was super - cool!

And Dillard's is having a sale! Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for calling and letting me know, Mom. Now I HAVE to go shopping! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Leaving Libya

I may have said it before....but it's all brown and sandy when you see it from above And dotted with olive trees everywhere!!!
But the coastline -- it's gorgeous! You can't see it well on here at all -- but beautiful beaches and water that is turquoise blue!
Bye Bye Libya -- thanks for the fun time!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Libya Part 8 - The MOST amazing pictures of all

FINALLY!! We made it to Leptis Magna. It is a Roman city from the 100 AD timeframe. It is UNbelieveable!!! It is totally un-touched. We were able to climb and explore however we liked. I have utmost respect for these amazing exhibits, so was very cautious and careful. Enjoy the pictures. (they may be easier to see on Facebook as some of them just wouldn't upload correctly).
The Entrance to Leptis Magna Look at the size -- you see the guard at the bottom.

The details are slowly eroding, but even still -- simply beautiful! The Romans were an exquisiste people!The Bath Area -- they were hot, steam and cold bathing areas
Cool archway
Sitting on a column structure
Suspended archway -- so cool!
Look how TALL these are!!
Marble / Granite flower
The Italians came many years ago to start tagging each of the pieces, but were then pushed out Archway in the Forum
Two Angels :)
Pulpit in the Roman Catholic Church
We climbed all the way to the TOP of this picture. It is also taken in the church
Looking down into the church
3 Amigos (Me, Peter & Michael)
The Market area -- where good were traded and sold such as fish, spices, vegetables, fruits...
These "valleys" in the marble were worn by ropes that hung fish or other goods on there. Pretty neat!
Waiting for my fish to arrive! :)
The Theatre! Look at that VIEW!
Ancient paintings inside the beach bath house.
Mosaics inside the bathhouse
And another (these are on the floors!)
Lunch! Sweet rice (like Mamaw's! but with bits of liver -- i picked all those out - GROSS!), bordim chicken (cooked in a tin packet on buried coals, then covered), salad and lentil soup
AHHH! Off to the beach!!! This cove was lined with these huts. The water was gorgeous! And FREEZING. My ankles were frozen, but when we were floating -- it felt like the most wonderful place on earth. And it was so clear! After about 5 though the sea started churning and the seaweed was coming in as well as some of the trash. But it was still beautiful blue. What a PERFECT way to end the day -- 2.5 hrs of playing in the Med!
Floats! Floats and MORE FLOATS for sale along the beach!

Libya Part 7

Pictures from Friday, July 17th -- 3 months till the wedding!!!! OMG
Upside down whiskey bottles, in a non-alcohol country, as one of the locals put it! The Corinthia Hotel -- very expensive and only VP's are able to stay there for Hess
Small fishing boat in the morning
Kids swimming. (in the nasty water on the shoreline. all the sewer drains from Tripoli drain into the water. GROSS! They were jumping off the outlets in some parts!!)
At the Pet Market -- Friday mornings just down the road from the office. There were ostriches, dogs, birds and even a cat or 2)
The baby ostrich that they took out of the back of the truck and into the front with this little kid. He didnt' seem to mind! There was also a rooster in the front seat as well.
Beautiful parrots at the pet market
Birds, birds and more birds...and some are quite expensive (150 Dinar for one canary)
German Sheperds are the favored dog no doubt
These are the means of local transportation (aside from taxis). These are the buses. Stay OUT of their way! They drive CRAZY!
Men at work! ha ha
The gang having a coffee at 10 pm! Peter, Me, Raphael & Shaban
Peter, Me, Aymen & Raphael

Monday, July 20, 2009

Libya Part 6

More pictures of Libya .... Thursday evening July 16th
Me after dinner at the Arch ... by night. REALLY beautiful! Ok, so dinner was cooked INSIDE this clay pot, then they broke it open and we ate!! YUMMY!
Ayman and Michael helping me shop for souveniers!!! Talk about a bonus to have them both around! (Ayman works for us, by the way! He wasn't some Libyan guy I just randomly picked up, however easy that would have been -- crazy!!!) :)
The tower inside the Medina (not Merida like I was calling it before) I had to take a picture of it because the blue windows were awesome and ya'll know how much I love blue!!!
Turkish Lunch on Thursday - kebabs ... or kebaps, like the menu read
Turkish Lunch! (salad, bread, and more 'salads')