Monday, July 07, 2008

2008 Shiner Half-Moon Holiday's

We survived -- at one point, just barely -- but the 2 Farm Boys & a City Slicker's 2nd Cook-off was a success! Came home with 2 awards and made the final judging table on several of our other entries! The weather was nice, not overly-hot and the food, fun, family & friends couldn't be beat!

We've already been discussing what competition we're going to hit up next! ha! I believe we heard there were about 35 cookers at this one.

Of course the weekend couldn't get off to a rolling start -- I got out of work way later than I expected, we still had errands to run, and just before we got to Wallis, the tire on the trailer blew. NICE! We managed to roll into Wallis, find a service station still open at 6:30pm and got 2 new wheels for the pit -- see Robert checking it out: Friday was Beans & Chili & Pie to turn in. That's me posing with my chili -- we didn't place but it was GOOOOOOOOOD stuff!
Now there's some award-winning BBQ! 7th place in Chicken!
That's us trying to clean up after the hurricane winds blew away half our stuff and broke my brand-new EZ-Up Canopy. grr. That's ok -- we still had fun. Just a little more stress than we needed!
2 Farm Boys & a City Slicker cooking team proudly displaying our awards:
9th place Giblet Rice (it was great -- we done gud!)
7th place Chicken (The Rounders (dad's team) took 1st place!!!!!! yay)
We were a little drenched after a torrential downpour, but it didn't damper our spirits!

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