Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jaace is a Freshman!

Man -- that just doesn't even seem right to say that. I remember the day mom told us she was pregnant like it was yesterday -- and darn near to the day it was 14 years ago. She told us in May, right before my softball game in Shiner .... which I was late to, but eagerly spread the good news and EVERYONE was so excited (except our coach, Dobber - ya'll remember the guy from Coach???, who was a complete moron)! I was a Junior in high school. And now -- he's just a week or so away from completing Jr High and being a Freshman.
It weighs heavy on my heart cause I love him so much and he's growing up -- has grown up -- so fast! So many people were involved in his life from his youngest years -- so he's like a distant lil bro to so many. But I'm also excited for him, however selfish I feel, that he's got some of his MOST FUN and best years right in front of him.

So before the tears fall -- here's a few pics of him at his 8th grade party from May 9th, 2009.
Eventhough he did NOT want to take ANY pictures -- I got him to AND made him give a little shit-grin. Hee Hee
Jaace & the boy (who I forget his name, maybe it's Chase?), who is obviously the class clown
Brady, Jaace, Chase?, & Austin posing like the studs they wanna be
Prizes for the kids
Proud Momma's -- they are ALWAYS the loudest and rowdiest at the boys' games and events.
Mom, Renee & Gail
They will cry like babies when graduation comes -- we all will!
I love you Jaace! You'll always be my Jaacer-Raacer. My Mo More. ;-)

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