Monday, February 01, 2010

Lots going on these days

As if my life isn't busy....Feb - June will be exceptionally busy!

This week -- talk about CRAZY!!! First off -- can anyone believe it's February FIRST today? I honestly cannot! It marks about 75 days till the wedding. I'm ready for it to be here!

Tomorrow Jenny should be going into labor. She goes in tonight and tomorrow they are going to start inducing. I am SO excited to see if I'm going to have a niece or a nephew. I'm happy either way -- I just want them BOTH (mom & baby) to come out happy and HEALTHY! The baby is so loved by so many already!

Wednesday is mom & Uncle Allen's 53rd birthday!!! (which means mine follows a short time after!!) I know Mom will be on CLOUD 9 holding the new addition to our family!!! I believe she will be staying with Jenny for the rest of the week, so she'll get her long-awaited birthday present! Plus -- my gift to her is something she's been asking for for months now! EXCITING!

Thursday -- I'll need to get some work done probably, and not to mention Robert might be heading away again.

Friday is my day off so I'll probably go to Wharton to see sis and baby!!!

Saturday is a wedding and a birthday party and then Sunday is superbowl!!! Next week -- SHIT! I may be in Libya or Egypt or likely BOTH! Holy cow! When I get back it'll be the start of Rodeo and we all know how busy that is, then it'll be April 17th and I'll be walking down an aisle.

WOW! I'm tired just thinking about it!!!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well! I went through some of my pictures yesterday and WOW I've got 1,000's to upload! We've been BUSY and I've not been showing it! :) So I promise -- pictures coming soon....

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