Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So much has happened in 3 months!

Wow!!! I truly cannot believe I have not blogged since the day after we bought the house! SOOO much has happened. Maybe it's time for a quick recap???

Love love love our new home. Movers came on April 2nd and we're now all moved in!!! We put in woodfloors (Robert did the job, I assisted) in the dining and study and they look AWESOME!!!!! Love love love them!

April 11th - my wonderful nephew became my godson. We baptised Brody in Wharton and celebrated Jenny's birthday!

April 17th - married my best friend, so now I have a new last name. Married life is AWESOME! Didn't know I could love him more than I did before....but I do! It was THE most PERFECT day of our lives! And a total party!!!

April 18th - 24th - Honeymoon in Costa Rica! AMAZING!!!

Last week of April Robert left me for work in California and I finished up moving the old house junk to the new house. Cleaned it from top to bottom and was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY when that was all done!

Returned to work May 3rd, flights booked May 5th and departed for a 3-week trip to Cairo May 10th. :( Soooooo did not like being away so soon!

Back on Memorial Day weekend and we finished the dining room floors and just hung out.

June 5th married my sister Jill off. Mom and Dad can have a break for a little bit on wedding bills. It was a great wedding!!!

June 22nd - 27th - Girls Trip to Belize. Oh so much fun!!! Even survived as Tropical Storm Alex came right through our island!!!

This brings us to 4th of July weekend....with all good luck I'll be at Splashway on Friday and in Shiner for the BBQ cookoff Saturday, and back home on Sunday.

Supposedly I'm heading back to Cairo in August - early that should be interesting.

I will try to be a better blogger, friends!

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Dawn and Matt said...

Wow, busy girl! I know what you mean about being a better blogger...I need to work on that as well. Although, you have so much more to blog about than me!