Thursday, July 28, 2005

$1.00 Hot Dogs & Baseball -- life is good

So my parents are bringing my brother up tonight as we've got tickets to the Astros game! WOO HOO! A client of mine, Jay, hooked us up with seats in the Crawford Boxes. I think it'd be so awesome if we caught a homerun ball! Jaace would be SO excited. He was pretty pumped when I told him I got tickets. Good stuff. It's the 'stros vrs the NY Mets. 7:05 pm and it's $1 hot dog night. I'm not sure which is more exciting? ha ha ha Supposedly there is some good pitcher for the Mets pitching tonight, so we'll see. I think Jaace wants to see how Carlos Beltran does against his former Astro teammates.

Pictures to come tomorrow . . . . .

Off to Texadelphia for lunch today -- which I never knew it originated in Austin. I was immediately corrected by a Longhorn friend of mine when I told him "that's an Aggie thing"!

Preparing for tomorrow - when I put a girl I work with in place. Enough is enough. She's got no idea this is coming -- so it'll be interesting! No doubt it will warrant it's own separate post on here!!!

Happy Days are yours and mine!

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