Monday, July 25, 2005

Awake from the Dead

Alright -- yes, I still live! So sad that I've not updated my blog in oh say 3 months -- but I'm a busy gal! (ok, no excuses) Blame it on me being homeless and not having one decent internet connection to save my life! :-)

Life has been crazy recently! Work is work and with all the drama here I am worn out! It sucks when you're always stuck in the middle of things yet have ZERO desire to be. Ah well, all in a days work. If I knew how to post a song to this here bloody blog I'd post "take this job and shove it" ha ha

Actually, it's going to continue to be a good 2005 . Europe was soooo awesome and wow the time I had! Off to the Northeast in August for a week and half -- New York City, Boston MA, Greenwich CT and a few other towns in the area. I am to go to Calgary at some point as well with a trip down to fun New Orleans for a bit too. Not to mention our 10-yr class reunion. SCARY! And I am to head back to Scotland for a few weeks in September -- back JUST in time for BOCKTOBERFEST! yahoo! Should be good fun - but the planning is wearing my patience thin! ha ha ha

Anyway -- of those of you who read this -- I hope to see you at the monumental event of Scott Werner's wedding on August 6. I wouldn't miss it! Can't wait to share a cold one with ya!

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RB said...

Ditto Jamito, Well Said!