Friday, August 26, 2005

TWO Friday's in a row ...

It's funny -- as I start typing this there is a "recover post" insignia and I think "hmmm...Recover....that's what I'm doing today!"

Another good night out last night! First night of the official PISS club (Petrodata International/Intelligent Spy Sista's club). Maria, Claire & myself rallied the boys and ended up shutting down Champp's. I didn't know that place stayed open till 2 a.m.! Crikey! Good times had by all. Lots of good memories shared. Next meeting is in October -- when Claire is over again from Aberdeen.

Talk about Thursty (yes I know it's thirsty) Thursday's. Last week was getting schnockered with Karena at Taco Milagro & winding it down at Sherlock's. This week was $1.00 pints at Champp's then 4 intense games of pool. Magic!

Looking forward to the next one! Thanks for the good memories again Maria, Claire, Brennan, Steve, Robert, George, Brad & Jenny!

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