Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Night

Some things that start so simple and innocent usually always lead to a 3 a.m. night!

So yesterday my good friend Paul Kessler called me to come out and watch their band play at the Magnolia Bar & Grill. I have been wanting to make it out there for this for a long time (years in fact) and last night it worked out - finally!

So I rallied the troops (Robert, Stephanie, Taylor, Karena & Drew) to join me for crawfish and tunes. We got there and had a great time. (K & D were slackers and didn't join us) ha! But of course it couldn't stop there -- out to Moe's in Katy for Karaoke. The beer was starting to put me to sleep so I switched to margaritas and Robert just HAD to get us all a jaeger-bomb -- and well, the rest is history. Although we never made it on stage -- we sure did have fun!

Of course that meant we got home at almost 3, just to have my alarm (which I remembered to set last night - MIRACLE) rang at 5:19 a.m., which I managed to cut it off. At 6:25 I got up -- just at the time I'm usually BOARDING MY BUS into downtown! I made it in by 8 and have been watching the clock ever since!

Here's to another night like that soon!


Kim said...

*sigh* I sure do miss y'all.

brenda said...

awesome! sounds like yall had a great time.