Thursday, May 29, 2008

9/80 work-week -- SOOO worth it!

Yep, tomorrow is my Friday off, so I've had a 3-day week. I almost feel like a teacher this week -- I know ya'll are ready for the kiddos to get into summer, and I'm ready for the weekend.

Heading home to Shiner tonight for a weekend with the fam. Mom and I are "doing lunch" in the Big City (of Shiner that is) then who knows what else. Probably something low-key which is GREAT!

Saturday will be spent pool-side, weather permitting. I missed the pool this past weekend over Memorial Day so definitely NEED it this weekend. The Tucker's are having their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, so I believe I'm heading to that with the parents.

It's just going to be a nice weekend away.

Robert has the boys this weekend, and they are off to Lake Livingston for fishing, jet skiing and who knows what else. I hope the weather holds up for them too!

I'm looking forward to taking the ole Beemer for a drrrriiiiiiiive! Woo Hoo!
(not a great picture but it was Day 2 with the car and the sunset was GORGEOUS! I detoured off I-10 and snapped a photo!) :-)


Jenny Popp said...

Have fun this weekend. Wish I could go home too, but I think it's working in flower beds and pressure washing the house. I'm really excited about that though...making my new house purty!

Kim said...

Gosh...I loved my 9/80s! Get this, mom and them are going to 4/10' small town TX no less!

So, now they are coming up here July 4th!