Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenny Lynn!

Today is my middle sister's birthday...shall I say her age? I'll give a hint, it has a 2 and a 7 in it!

Jen, I hope you have an awesome birthday. An awesome birthday for an awesome gal.

As an older sister, it's fun and trying at times to watch your younger siblings grow up. I can say that I am very proud to have watched and been with Jenny on her journey. She is beautiful both inside and out. Her personality is infectious and her laugh, contagious. Especially when she gets that good belly-laugh going. :)

Over the past few years she's really blossomed and it's humbling to know she's my sister. From college graduation, to new jobs, to new boyfriend, to new city, to marriage, to pregnancy and beyond -- she's grown by and excelled at all. I'm so happy for her! And Nick too! The love you have for each other is exactly what everyone should have in their life.

The good times we've had are countless and the good times in the future will be limitless. No doubt there have been bumps in the road, but that's what being sister's and being family is all about. We are so blessed!!!! Faith, family and love are all you need in the world!

Jen - thanks for all the memories. Thanks for having my back. Thanks for being the wonderful person and sister you are.

Not to mention - she is boobalicious! :) Love ya Jen! Happy Birthday!!!!!

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