Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It was a BUSY weekend!

Talk about a busy weekend and a very WET one. Thank God for all the rain. I wish Shiner got what Houston got! We were out in it Satruday and I'd never seen rain like that. We couldn't even see the end of the hood of the truck! And when we made it to our street -- it was totally flooded!!!

Here is a picture of how our yard floods with just a drop of rain. Our backyard (reminder: it's a rent house!!!) is awful -- needs to be completely re-done! It's driving Robert crazy! :)
So after the rain held off for a minute, we headed over to Kristen & Michael's wedding. She looked beautiful! It was really nice and the skies cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful evening! (Thanks Ryan & Shannon for watching the boys! They had fun!)

Here's a pic of me and the bride -- I only put it on here to show how beautiful Kristen looked ... (me = ugh!) First dance....
Cutting cake...SPEECH!!! SPEECH! SPEECH! This was her maid of honor and she had a really good, really cute speech!
Saturday night I worked on our guest list....and it gave me a headache from looking at the screen that long! (about 4 hours) BUT .. I did get a lot accomplished!!

Sunday was another biggie....Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Mass Robert's candidate joined the Catholic Church. He had already been baptised, but got Confirmed and First Eucharist on Sunday. It is always SO TOUCHING to see this! CONGRATULATIONS Rob! He was one of 17 who started this journey in September. (there were another 10 or so that got Baptised, Confirmed and First Communion at Easter Vigil....also very moving)

Here's Rob waiting to get Confirmed with Robert behind him.
The Clarke Family - Rob, Sandra, Ashley & Ian
Rob & Robert after the ceremony
And then we headed over to Moravia for my 2nd cousin Joane's 40th birthday party! It was a GREAT day for a drive and for a party! My whole family was there so I was really happy to see everyone!
Joane LOVES Polka music. Here are her and Robert cuttin' a rug!
Joane then went and grabbed my dad for a spin on the dancefloor!
Aunt Delores even played the Accordian for us!

The Migl and Chumchal family took up an entire table! Good times...

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