Thursday, November 12, 2009

NASCAR -- oh yes!

I just realized I never posted this!!! I think I wanted to be all cute and stuff and write lots about our trip to NASCAR....but I think I'll just give you the run-down here: It was GREAT!!! Yes, I am attesting that watching NASCAR in PERSON was good fun! Never watch it on TV and won't start...but will be glad to go again next November. (Our wedding is the same weekend as the April race and we're not honeymooning at NASCAR...I didn't like it THAT much!) ha ha ha

Robert and I gave Dawn and Scotty tickets and the whole 9 yards for birthday/Christmas and we had a blast!!!! Ted and Lecia went too and it was good fun!

Enjoy the pics: Here there are: Circle 1 of 300???

Lined up in the Pit:

VERY COOL flyover -- which the Pace Car came out of when it landed!!!!

Dude -- you're #9 flag is backwards!! LOL Redneck!

Watching the race:
One of the youngest drivers (forgot his name) who drives for Home Depot. He's like 18! what a job!

Me and Robert!

Dale Jr's truck -- one of like 4 he had there!

Robert racing Scotty to change the tire. I was in the LEAD all day until the last 5 minutes for the women's division!!! WOO HOO!!


Jenny Popp said...

Cute pic of the two of ya'll. Bout time you blog!

Your Very Own Fairy Godmother said...

You make me giggle! I've been going to races since BEFORE I met Ross - although his friends would swear that he MUST have converted's simply not true. The first race in TX that we missed was because we were leaving for Jamaica for our wedding! Your wedding is going to fall on Ross's birthday weekend, and I have already offered to take him to Shiner for a birthday/wedding celebration weekend.
BTW, the driver that you have a picture of is Joey Logano. He always has that HUGE smile on his face, and he was a fantastic rookie driver.