Friday, October 09, 2009

church in Libya - always something new

It's always an interesting thing to go to Church here....I've come to find out.
The inside of the church as taken by my phone.
The very first time I came, back in july, Michael invited me. I walked in to the 6pm Thursday night mass and there were only about 20 people in there. He was asked to be the reader.

The second time was last Friday morning at the 10:30 mass. Michael advised to go to this one because it's more of an African mass. So Ben (a colleague) and I went. It was interesting. And a special treat. Talk about a CROWDED HOUSE! And EVERYONE was singing and praying and it was so beautiful. The men were shoutin' to the Lord, of sorts. I loved it! The balcony on both sides of the church was full as was every seat and extra ones. I videoed the entrance cause it was cool! You'll see the choir marching, followed by the priests, followed by the BISHOP! It was the Feast of St Francis of Assisi last week. So an added treat. Church was right at an hour and half.

So last night I went to Thursday mass on my own. I get there right at 6, walk in and sit down. Start my prayers then notice the guy in front of me had a cake, and there were 2 chairs with ribbons and the kneeler in front of the alter, not to mention there were about 30 people there, and music, and a projector and people just buzzing around. And then it was 6:05, 6:10, 6:15...finally it started. Turns out, it was an engagement mass for a couple. They were up at the altar and exchanged rings. Both received a gold band for their right hand. AND the bride got earrings, a bracelet, a necklace and another ring for her left hand. This was all exchanged at the altar.

I wasn't able to stay for the whole thing, but they did proceed with Mass and it was nice. Just ALL in it was tough to even follow.

OH -- and the picture taking at church - at ALL the masses I"ve been is insane and in my opinion, VERY disrespectful. These people hop WHEREVER they want, WHENEVER they want up and around the altar and through the crowd. The icing on the cake was last night when the guy came right up in my face and snapped a picture. I was LAUGHING.....thinking -- WTH?!
By the time I left there were maybe 100 people in there, but I think they were coming for the next Asian mass....who knows!!

Like I said ... Church in Libya - you just never know what you're gonna get! :)

Enjoy the attached: (of course i forget that if I turn my camera up and down, the video stays the same! argh!)

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