Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Weekly Update

Eeeks! I missed a week ... darn it. It's fair to say last week was BUSY!!!! And this week - more of the same!

It was SO NICE to have a relaxing weekend at home (i.e. Shiner) with the family. Everyone came in for the lil bro's confirmation on Saturday and an early Mother's Day on Sunday. We got to cuddle on lil Max, who is one-month old now. Run and chase and play with Brody - who is talking up a storm. But mostly, just relax and spend time with each other. . .

The B-I-L started a project on Friday, which the hubster came in and helped finish on Friday evening and Sunday.

Men at work! (notice the lil helper in there too!)

The finished project.....a few more stairs need to be added and in a few years when the kids are older, a top deck, but it's a GREAT start and very play-able. The slide, monkey bars and swings came from our house. The previous owners left it all, we took it down because most of the wood was rotted out, but these parts were salvageable. YAY for repurposing goods.......
It was a great Sunday spent with Mom. We all gave her a new bottle of perfume - Dolce and Gabana - The One Rose. I think she will like it, but has a few samples to make sure she LOVES it first! :) I had a Lolita wine glass purchased as well, with a bottle of Strawberry Hill for her. That stuff has stood the test of time - YUMM-O! We ordered in Pizza Hut (nothing fancy but EASY clean up and good tastin') for lunch and pretty much munched on it throughout the day..... Happy Mother's Day to the BEST Mom and MOST amazing woman I know! She's the best friend a girl could ask for....

Monday was just a "blah/ick/yuck" day all around. But we ended it with a GREAT play-off game against the Astros. Matt's team, the Met's ended up winning 7 to 6 in the 4th inning. The boys were exhausted, but so excited!!!

Go Mets Go!

This is me trying to get a picture of Sophie on the way to the game. I put blue and orange pig-tails in her hair. SO CUTE!!! :)
"What mom?"
"I'm ignoring you......." 
"Fine! But I'm going to stick my tongue out at you...."

" Whew! Cheering on the Mets is HARDWORK!" She was exhausted, as everyone was....but we survived! And came home with a W!
So what's in store for THIS week? Astros game (the real deal) today, Tuesday. Matt and Jr both come on Wednesday, Thursday is the next play-off game PLUS I'm hosting a Pampered Chef show at the house - annual Help WHIP Cancer campaign. (anyone need anything?!) Friday I have a dentist appointment then have every intention of just relaxing for awhile.....with the hubster!

Have a GREAT WEEK e'rbody!

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