Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Have you ever been

to the Gaylord Texan? Or any Gaylord hotels before?

My first trip was last week for a work function - quick trip up and back. It's a nice place - huge! and I hear it has a great water park. Missed that, didn't even see the Lake it sits on, and spent a little time at the Glass Cactus which seems like it could be a pretty fun place!

And our entertainment for the night was an 80's cover band, karaoke-style, with British accents and Austin Power's get-ups! First song when we got there - Oh Mickey! I tell ya - a blast from the past and a good laugh!

Here's a few pictures from the inside:
Pretty mosaic on the floor of the center of the hotel and a replica of a mission: 

And what hotel's not complete without an Alamo IN IT?!  

Or a riverwalk? 
Or a working toy train?!

We did have a teambuilding event - a cooking competition in a not-so-safe-looking part of downtown Dallas (Dallas Market area) but it was fine and fun. Me in my cooking gear & the end result: grilled chicken with mushrooms OR chipotle sauce with rice pilaf and sauteed veggies.
I was glad to get back home and start the nice long weekend!

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Nicole Nerada said...

Did you tear up the karakoe!?