Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap

My beautiful Sophie relaxing this weekend -

What a great weekend!!! It was so nice and relaxing! I soaked in as much sun as I could which was Weekend Objective #1!

I got home last Thursday night to find Jillian up putting grades into her gradebook for the last time in her first year of teaching. She was GLAD to have this year behind her.

Up early on Friday morning to drive Jaace to school on his last day (8th grade here he comes!). He went to a pool party after that which was fun but he came back a little redder than he expected. :-) But it's been SO HOT around here lately, it's not surprising!

Mom, Jillian and I met up for lunch on Friday at the little sandwich shop in Shiner. It was yummy, then I popped across the street to see my cousin Ryan in his new job at the First National Bank. He was on a late lunch (slacker!) ha ha! Friday night I was at the Yoakum High School graduation watching Nikki Debord graduate then celebrate afterwards. It was great! I just cannot believe she is 18 and on to college!!! That makes me feel REALLY old!!!!!

Nikki receiving her diploma

Saturday was more time by the pool, then BIG NEWS -- Kenzi had her puppies! They are SO CUTE!!!! 3 girls and a little boy. Poor baby -- she was in labor from about 5 pm till 11 pm. This was her first time to give birth and the look in her eyes was "oh my gosh what is going on with me and PLEASE make it stop!" I just wanted to take the pain away from her. But she's a GREAT mommy and is so loving to her pups. They are black with just a bit of white underneath on a few, but there is one that is black and white. CUTE!!!! So -- if you know of anyone wanting a registered miniature Schnauzer -- give us a call in a couple months! :-)

I spent Sunday with Mamo helping her around the house then we went to Mary's for lunch. She had carpel tunnel surgery last week so needed some help washing dishes and sweeping. I was glad to do it. Then I treated her to lunch -- YUMMY!!! Took a quick dip in the pool before heading back to Houston to face the work week.

And here I am. (unlike my sisters and some friends who are starting their SUMMER VACATION!) NICE! Enjoy it ladies -- you all deserve it!

Some pictures from this weekend -

Sophie chilling out by the pool. I'm definitely getting her a "summer cut" asap! She was so HOT this weekend -- but heck, we all were!

Bella chewing a bone -- this was the ONLY one that turned out halfway ok of her!

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