Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So Robert and I were in Scottsdale, Arizona November 5 - 7. We had so much fun and it was SO PRETTY. The weather was perfect -- not too hot and cool in the evenings. He was there for a conference and I was there to do a lot of nothing -- which I succeeded in very well! We stayed at an awesome resort - The Phonecian - which was so nice! 8 pools! Awesome workout facility! Great golf course! Need I say more?

I was ready to get back to Texas though. As much as I loved the blue skies and all, I missed the humidity. Yes -- the humidity! Everything I touched I shocked myself with! My hair was staticky, my skin way dry, regardless of how much lotion I used and I'm still nursing dry lips.

I LOVE TEXAS (but like traveling to other places to learn these valuable lessons! ha ha)

Robert and I on our last day at the Phoenician
Cool pic on our evening trip to Sedona, Arizona.

We tried our HARDEST to make it to the Grand Canyon, got as far as Moose-Country, but sun was setting and we would have been there in the dark. So we detoured back through Sedona.

Cactus and Palm Trees. Who knew?

Red Rock Canyon in Sedona -- it was gorgeous there. We saw the sun set on the red rocks.

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Jenny Popp said...

I wanna go to the Grand Canyon! Looks pretty!