Monday, November 24, 2008

Chiropractor, Birthday, Wedding, Work and Life in General

What CRAZY days the past few have been!

Last week at work was pure HELL. Work was insane and there were all sorts of things happening. I believe all the stress of that week and the week's before led up to a severe neck ache. So after 31 years I went to the chiropractor today. LOL He cracked the shit out of my neck at the end and I was in more pain than before. 4 advils later and an ice pack I was feeling a little better. I go back on Wednesday for more punishment.
We did celebrate KDK's 32nd birthday on Saturday evening at YiaYia Mary's! It was a good time and Karena looked FABULOUS! (I hope I look half as good as her when I get her age! ha ha - that's just an on-going joke we have. K's all of 4 months older than I am!)

Today is Robert's 36th birthday! He had the day off and has enjoyed it. He's over at his good friend Ryan's house doing wedding stuff (wood work and beer drinkin!). :) He's been so great with all the wedding planning!! We also found our centerpieces Sunday for some of the tables so that was cool!!! Now I just need to get a dress picked out so I can figure out what colors I'm going to use.

I had to laugh -- Robert THOUGHT he was snagging a younger woman -- but he's got one that's falling apart before HE is!

Today we also met with Alice and Eric our Serendipity Photographers!!! They are so awesome! Robert and I will be working on their contract this weekend.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!! I'm SO ready for the holiday's! ALL of them -- both Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's! Robert and I got the tree up but we still have a bit more to do, some other inside decorations and all the outside decorations. I just wasn't ready to take down the Fall/Thanksgiving stuff until at least Thanksgiving is passed.

Here's a few pics from the house.
Our dining table centerpiece.
The Stockings: Robert, Jamie, Jr, Matthew & Sophie's

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Jenny Popp said...

So-where'd you get the stocking holder? I need one of those!

Dang ya'll are old!