Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funniest Videos EVER!!




I was in TEARS laughing so hard at these.

Karaoke, lots of alcohol and the Chumchal crowd = one hilariously good time!

Just listen to the GIRLS encroaching on this one -- freakin hilarious!

LOL watch Nick on this one -- oh my gosh I'm in tears!! (As a Chumchal Tradition at Christmas all the new out-laws get to sing a Christmas Carole. This year we started early at Papa's birthday party. freakin hilarious)

And one final one featuring Uncle Greg. Who knew he was such a Luther Vandross? Watch Robert. I cracked up when he was hoopin and hollering and then nudged Jaace and Jaace was like "what the ??!" LOL Then watch Jill and Thomas "get a little lower now" then Jenny break out in a split! Shit it's funny!! Greg ends with a resounding "God Bless America!" - classic!


Shawna said...

OH MY GOD. I am in tears. We do know how to PARTY. I have the video. We can watch it Thanksgiving. You outght to see Brent on the song. He was laying on the floor. I guess we need to party more often. Who has birthday next??

Jenny Popp said...

OMG! I don't even know where to begin! Nick drinking out of the pitcher, Greg jumping around and singing like that, Jill and Tom bumping and grinding, Robert dancing like chicken with it's head cut off and raising his glass and sitting down like was bowing out.

And of course, the infamous split! It wouldn't have been a night without a split.

I CANNOT wait to see Shawna's video. We definitely need to plan a party over Christmas.

Jenny Popp said...

Oh and is Greg saying "A little bit funny now." Or "A little bit cloudy now." Whatever it is, it does not sound like "little bit softer now!"

And the shot of me going down in a split is terrible! Fat!!

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