Friday, March 13, 2009

It's my birthday

Yep .. today is my 32nd birthday. I'm ok with saying it. I don't feel like I'm getting closer to 40...I'm young at heart. That counts, right?

It's been a whirlwind of a day so far. I'm at work, and the piles and overwhelmingness of a new role is getting to me. I have to work at the Rodeo tonight, but luckily Robert switched his shift so will be there too. Tomorrow I have a 7 a.m. gym appointment, then we'll head to Wimberley, possibly via Shiner, for my dear friend Stephanie's wedding. We have a hotel for the night, then it'll be up EARLY to be back in Katy before 9:30 church. So...not much of a relaxing birthday weekend....but all good stuff to come.
Robert had probably 3 dozen roses for me this morning at the house. It was nice to wake up to!
Not sure what else the day holds, but we'll see!
Happy Friday the 13th!


Dawn Cowen said...

Happy birthday, Jamie! Hope it's great despite the weather!

*Jillian Leigh* said...