Monday, March 09, 2009

Rodeo Houston!

Well, Rodeo is in full-swing. Again. It comes so fast and goes even faster!

I'm still on Suites West, as a Captain this year for Team A. Robert is on Team B, so he works the days after I do. We've not seen too much of each other lately due to conflicting schedules, Rodeo, and he's been away. 2 more weeks and Rodeo 2009 will be a thing of the past.

Had a good time on Saturday out at the Rodeo. Jenny and Nick with their friends Garrett and Stephanie came up to my Storeroom for some drinks (and shots!). I then met up with them after I was off. Were supposed to head to the Hideout for a few more drinks, but Jenny and Garrett decided to ride the SPEED ride at the carnival. Good stuff! I got there just in time to watch them twisting and turning several stories above. Jen said it's a "must-ride"! So I'll have to get on there at some point.

It was great to hang out for a bit and see some of the fam! I haven't been to Shiner in over a month and am not sure when I'll be back....I hate being away for that long. :( We may make a run-through on Saturday or Sunday as we head to a wedding in Wimberly...but I'm not sure yet. Just depends. If not, I'll be back for the weekend of March 27th -- for the ENTIRE weekend - Thursday through Sunday! YAY!!!!! Looking forward to that!

Have a great Monday, ya'll!

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Jenny Popp said...

We had so much fun at the Rodeo even though we didn't watch much of the performance! Oh well! We've got several more chances to see someone else.

Thanks for letting us catch up with you at the Storeroom and sorry we were tired and didn't go to the Hideout.

We'll see ya soon, hopefully!