Monday, June 29, 2009

Anxiously waiting.....

for my bridal portraits to be posted!!!

It turned out to be a HOT day on Thursday -- shocker!!!! but we had a little shower and a little overcast, so that DEFINITELY helped!!!!

My bouquet was gorgeous! The dress was perfect. And I had the gals that mean the most to me there!

Serendipity was in for a real treat -- they got to snap pics with animals and cow poop and bugs and the HEAT and even heard some peacocks. Good stuff.

Robert and I also were at the Engaged Encounter this weekend. It was really great to be secluded from the world for a couple days. We rejuvenated our connection on the deeper level -- it was really nice. We had no "shockers" cause we talk so much about life today and tomorrow and down the road ... so that was good. But, not judging anyone, it was obvious that some of the couples, both younger than us AND older than us had more than a few surprises. Wow. How do you not know????

Either way -- Robert and I had a great weekend.....

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Anonymous said...

How much longer do you have to wait to see the pics posted?