Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Yep ... It's now Tuesday ... but reading about everyone's Father's Day weekend really makes me want to share the one we had with Dad too!!! :)
Father's Day was pretty low-key for the most part ... but just being at home with the family makes it special. Ya'll all know how much I love being home, in Shiner, with my family ... so it comes as no surprise.
We enjoyed an amazing wedding shower (for us -- pics coming soon) on Saturday, so was able to spend it with the extended Chumchal and Migl families. What better way???? Sunday we all slept in then make chicken fried chicken breasts, fresh squash and fresh new potatoes for lunch. YUM!

I have amazing parents...as each of us do....so Thanks just doesn't seem to cover it ... but it's the best I've got for now! Happy Father's Day 2009 to all you guys out there. Including my amazing fiance, Robert -- who is an amazing father to two pretty cool boys.


Anonymous said...

Great pic!


Boys will be Boys! said...

Watch out, Ron!!!