Monday, August 17, 2009

Shiner Fun

Two weekends ago we were back home for a fun one! Usual party at the pool house on Friday then a "back to school" party on Saturday. Good times!

Two worn out puppies from playing ALL DAY: Sophie & Ginger
Robert laughing at Jr.
Mr GQ himself.
Ted and Lecia listening in on some crazy story I'm sure!
Huntin' for armadillo's! Darn thing keeps getting into Mom's garden...
Jumpin on the trampoline....


*Jillian Leigh* said...

LOL...oh Jamie...Ginger came back from the dead?!? When did that happen? You even picked this dog out. I am still laughing. LOL...good stuff! :)

Jenny Popp said...

I started laughing when I saw "Ginger" too! Her name is BELLA! FUNNY!!!