Friday, August 28, 2009

Pampered Chef Wedding Shower

What a great time! And everything was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I cannot believe it's been a week, tomorrow, from the really awesome bridal shower hosted by Nikki Nerada & Glo Hagens for me (and Robert).

I tell you -- those two went WAY overboard. The shower was SO GREAT!! They asked me what type of shower I wanted several months back and I couldn't help but ask for a Pampered Chef one and they willingly complied!!! I love to cook and entertain ... so it was a perfect fit.

I've got pictures (courtesy of Jenny -- THANK YOU!!!) but I haven't been able to download them yet. They're on a disk that is from her fancy I'll work on that next week. Pictures coming soon.

I cannot thank Nik and Glo enough! Ya'll are so sweet and so special and so wonderful for hosting the shower! And what a success!! Thanks to everyone who came -- it was GREAT to catch up! And I (errr WE) made out like a bandit. I now have 10 items left on my Pampered Chef registry! HA HA I don't where I'll store all this stuff yet...but I'll figure it out!! So many goodies to come and so many fun things to use!

Again -- a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to the gracious hostesses, my family and all our friends that came! Love to you all....


zackandjenn said...

So, does this mean you'll now own everything Pampered Chef offers? lol :)


Boys will be Boys! said...

You know how special and precious you are to Mom and me! It was a pleasure to help celebrate your joy and also help customize your kitchen!!

Enjoy all of your goodies, and maybe one day (when my kids are grown and in college) we can have fun at one of your parties!!!

Love ya lots!