Thursday, October 08, 2009

Libya Trip #2

Howdy ya'll. I'm ashamed to say it's been over a month I think since I posted anything! Yes, that is how crazy and silly my life has been.

.....which brings me today, as I sit in the Hess Libya office for the 2nd time in 2 months. I arrived in Tripoli on Sept 22nd and will be here till Oct 13th. After that I"ll head to London for two nights then back home on the 15th (yea! hoorah! yippee!).

AND awesome trip begins for 2 weeks....but more on that another day.

so here's a few random photos from my trip this go-round. I've not done much at all really....due to working long long LONG hours every day. I've tried to get out in the evenings with friends here -- and God Bless them they've been great!!!!
Tripoli by night. That tall building is the Corinthia hotel. To the right further would be our office Tower. (can't see it on here)
What's that??? A curious black bag in my room???? Wonder what's inside....PIVO!!!! and it was quite tasty! The former King's Palace, which then became the Public Library and today, it's nothing. But still beautiful to look at. . .

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