Monday, June 04, 2012

Outdoor Stool - what a transformation!

THIS is only a small part of what I got up to this weekend (the rest to come in a later post)! But I have to say - it was the most fun to see what it was, to what it is now! Check it out.....

I mentioned to my mom over Memorial Day weekend that I was needing a stool for our back porch. I wanted to put my feet up on something as I was rocking in my rockers. She immediately said "Oh I've got an old foot stool that you can have." No doubt it was a cheap garage sale find from years ago. And it's cute! I loved the legs and the size, but WHOA - hello 1962! :) I saw beyond the obvious and to what it could be, in my crazy little head.

So here's the before:

But lo and behold there is a surprise inside - it's a foot stool with a HEATER!!!! Yes, a heating pad in it! ha! 

This is what the "heater" was. Some sort of heating pad installed. I was curious to see what was inside so thought you might be too!

 So here goes - first coat of primer on! check!

So what was my inspiration, you wonder? Gotta love Pier 1! I had my plans in my head and I nearly walked out before this caught my eye:

 Or do I go with the reserve side?! ohhhhh the decisions!
Anyway .... back to the point:

Got the seat cushion broken down, the new padding put together, the button sewn through and all of it reattached to the stool's top piece. SUCCESS in and of itself!

I am LOVIN' this new stool. Here she is:

And here it is sitting pretty on our back porch with the matching rocker pillows - the whole ensemble! I love the pop of color it brings to the very crammed and needs to be extended back porch! OH! Don't let me forget the citronella plant we bought as well....I'm a mosquito-attractor and it sucks! ha ha I'll do anything at this point to help with mosquitos!!!
So - anyone venture to guess what my NEXT project is based on this picture? ;-) *sigh*

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