Friday, June 15, 2012

Back Breaking Work

I remembered this morning that I never blogged about the project we were working the same weekend I did my patio footstool. Well - here it is!

And it IS and WAS back breaking work. The Hubster and I were both exhausted, but he more than me. Bless him!

Thank Heaven's for this little gem - a rented sod cutter!
Because I like to talk and always tell too many details to any story, here is how this all started. Last year the oldest stepson graduated from High School. yay!!! We were throwing a graduation party for him the day after with a whole bunch of our family and closest friends. Well - we have (and it's the truth) the smallest back yard on the cul de sac. Well, there was an open-to-the-street area that could not be used for anything -- seriously. So we asked the HOA to extend our fence, and they approved. So we finished that project the morning of his graduation party (June 2011) -- which is why you can see in the pictures below our fence is much "newer" than the existing fence. And the photo gives away the tough task we tackled this June. We made our fence area match the existing area by adding two crepe myrtles and some hawthorns. But why did we have to have a sod cutter, you ask? Well because all this was WEEDS! Not our beautiful St Augustine like the rest of our large yard has, but seriously - WEEDS! I hated it. Despised it. But now it's gone. Hoo-Rah!
The work is done!! And as soon as we have a weekend to break up the clay (thanks Katy Prairie!), then we'll plant some new carpet grass and water like nobody's business!
This was the first removal of weeds, which was then when I suggested we get the sod cutter. SO GLAD we did. It's the third time we've rented it and it's been quite helpful. (the first time was to cut out the grass for my rose bed and the second was for our garden, i think)
And here is the Hubster's truck LOADED DOWN with all the removed weeds. It was seriously low-riding in the back. And why do I have a picture of it, you ask? Because he started a new job on that Monday and we had to have the back of the truck cleaned out for vacation on Tuesday, so I had to go and unload it at the dump! Thirty dollars later......
 Full up, loaded down. DAUNTING!
 But thankfully I have a great stepson that met me there and we unloaded it in 30 minutes. (yay for young, able-bodied, college kids!) But it, too, was hard work. It was 90+ degrees and here is an awful picture of me to prove it -- this is how red and hot and gross I was after the visit to the dump!
Of course I headed straight to the car wash and $5.00 and 45 minutes later the bed of the truck was much better. Only a few remnants of dirt and weeds in the back remained.

NO MORE SOD CUTTERS, hopefully!!!!!

Happy blogging & weekend, ya'll!

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