Friday, June 29, 2012


Yay for the weekend! Yay for Friday! And yay for having time to get started on the many paint projects I've got going on this weekend.

Not to mention it's a ploy to get the hubster to work on cleaning the garage and re-doing our church pews which are exactly 19 months behind schedule! @*#$)#@*@#)*$@

So a few of the paint projects this weekend primarily focus on and in the Laundry Room. It's a room that I've been wanting to update, as tiny as it is, with some bolder colors (bolder than anywhere else in our home). I'm SO EXCITED! I've got the paint, I've got the brushes, I've got the wood, and I've got the drive to get this started this weekend, even if it's only the base coat. It's a start!

And I'm also going to work on sprucing up some iron baskets that I grabbed years ago on a trip to Laredo with family. See previous blog about that here: Mexico was Perfecto! 

It's the two standing ones and the one basket on the floor that will be repainted and repurposed. (but I have yet to figure out a crafty way to use these baskets....hmmmm any ideas (besides planters)?) They will be matched similarily to the current bold colors on our patio. (the Foot Stool )

And I have such a cute idea in my head  for this decal I just hope and wish and hope that it turns out on the wall as good as it does in my head! Hopefully it ships and arrives QUICK!
I just love reading that saying -- it makes me laugh every time!

Happy Friday y'all!

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