Monday, July 02, 2012


Yes, I have to admit, I was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY overambitious this weekend with what I wanted to get done with paint. OVER-AM-BITIOUS! It was a great weekend all in all. FINALLY one spent at our house for the most part, and sprinkled with family! BEST part of the weekend!

So Friday night was a surprise birthday party night out after a VERY STRESSFUL day of dealing with FedEx. I'm sorry - but man they are a PAIN in the u-know-what to deal with sometimes. :(

Saturday was as planned for most of the day. I meant to have pictures of the before, and why didn't I take some, I don't know. I remembered to capture the moments when I already had everything OFF the shelves. *sigh*

but here's a start to our my Laundry Room re-do:
AFTER I have nearly everything out. Looks better already! HA!
  And here's all the "stuff" from the Laundry Room
 After it's painted (which these darn pics don't do it justice - MUCH brighter in here now!!!) with the NEW shelf the hubster made for me!
Saturday evening the hubster and I zoomed to my sister's to take care of this little guy. All of 10 days old! Love! (I was soooo exhausted after painting that tiny room -- if you cant' tell!)
 Uncle Bert, Hud and our little girl - Sophinator! <3
 And on Sunday I got to play with this little rugrat! Love him! He's a hoot and a toot, sometimes! :)
Happy Monday ya'll. It's quittin' time!

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