Monday, July 16, 2012

July 4th, 2012

This is what we did on our Wednesday off of work to celebrate our great country's independence. It was a GREAT day!

We took a little ride on this little doozie - the Andromeda! (yours truly perched on the deck trying to not get sick! *sigh*)
And on our way out of the bay we passed by these lil' ole cottages. (WOW! they are something else and one after another -- what a life!)
And we cruised on through Kemah. That's The Beast there -- fun speed boat guaranteed to thrill ya a little and chill ya a little more! We watched it a few times when we were in the bay.
And that's my man doing a little fishing. (thank goodness we had the Star Wars rod! whew!)
Our gracious hosts and lil baby girl Snickers! awww
Hold the picture taking!!!! FISH ON!!!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???
Some sort of catfish with more than usual pinchers that supposedly hurt. I ain't jumpin in there, ya'll!
 And of course Matt was not going to be out-done by his daddy-o. When we got back to the dock he caught a mullet with a net! LOL Fisherman for life!
 Silly boys! 
And this little one stayed on my lap pretty much the entire ride. She was feeling about as good as I was. Darn diesel fumes get me every time. But....I was a trooper and kept praying I wouldn't feel icky. I still had a great time!
Thanks Blaine & Lindy for an AWESOME time! It really was! Thanks for sharing your boat with us for the day!

Happy blogging, y'all!

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