Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mexico was Perfecto!

The Mighty Rio Grande
We had SUCH a good time this weekend heading to The Border. Laredo or Bust, folks! Waldo, Janie, Bucky & Alyssa, Randy, Dad, Mom, Jenny & me were Laredo & Mexico - bound. Why? For pots. :) And we succeeded, I tell you! With lots of laughs and drinks and fun and some really good snags -- we are ready to go back -- with more trucks or even a trailer next time. Who's game?!?!?

(more pictures coming through Kodak Gallery -- so many good ones to choose from! so let me know if you want to see them! Most are on my Facebook page too)

"Humping Turtles," according to Cuz
Pots, Pots & MORE POTS! Cervezas & Margaritas -- YUM
My purchases -- they are great!

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Steph & Jeff said...

Oh my gosh! Count me in!!! I love the wrought iron planters you bought!!!!