Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cute Shoes

Now what woman doesn't love a new pair of shoes? Isn't there a song about that?

I was at Dillard's the other day -- my favorite department store!!! and of course they were having a great sale.

I got these cuties for $17.25 Did I need them? Probably not. Do I love them? You bet!

Typically these shoes are NOT for me, they make my foot look long and weird at the top -- these are the exception. For 75% off the regular price ($69) how could you not love them? :)


Patsy said...

Ooooh, what size are they?

Jenny Popp said...

Oh, those are cute! Did you look in my size for anything?

Jamie C said...

They are an 8. I got them in Sugar Land last week, I guess.

Jen, I did look at stuff for you and Jill. Of course ya'll always convict me of having grandma taste, so I never know if I should buy or not. But -- they did not have any in a 10. Isn't that what you are?

ON ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE -- the lady said to check back often because they have SO MANY "sale" shoes to put out but can't because of room. As they sell, they restock the sale shelf. She said it is unbelievable how many they have in the back. I told her to go get me some cute 8's but she said she had to wait till they could put them out. DANGIT.

Let me know if you're making the journey to SL Dillard's soon.

And let me know what your size is for sure -- ok?

Patsy said...

I am in 8 1/2. Remember me when you are shopping.