Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WIPEOUT -- hell yeah!

Oh My Gosh! Stephanie and I watched THE funniest show on tv last night. It's called Wipeout and it's just starting. We saw a preview for it on Monday night and were ROLLING and then - lo & behold, it was on last night.

Ya'll know those shows that come on Comedy Central or late night tv -- the ones where it's Japanese and Chinese people going through obstacles and usually making asses of themselves? Ya'll know the ones, right? They fall into mud pits and well it's just generally hilarious. Not to mention the English-speaking commentators that voice-over the Asian ones -- and their comments are hilarious! Well -- it's now in AMERICA! It starts out with 12 contestants and the winner gets $50K. Not to shabby.

Stephanie and I watched it last night and OMG it was HILARIOUS!!! I literally could not breathe and we both had tears rolling down our faces.

You can BET we'll be watching it next week, on whatever channel and whatever time it comes on! It's so refreshing to laugh like that! I believe the next one is July 8th.

Have a good week & weekend!


Steph & Jeff said...

Jeff and I always watch the Chinese/Japanese show and were so excited to see this one come on--so I definitely know of the fun you're talking about! Yeah for stupid shows--and stupid people on them!

Kim said...

OMG...we love WipeOut...Where's the pole??