Friday, September 19, 2008

After Hurricane Ike

Hey everybody -- I hope this finds you well. We (Robert, myself, my roommate Stephanie) all survived Hurricane Ike with no real damages. Robert had TONS (about 10 bags) of tree limbs and leaves down, 2 sections of fence down and power out for maybe 12 hours. Seems like every fence in his neighborhood and the surrounding were down! Stephanie's house only had a few shingles missing, her front tree leaning a bit and power out for about 18 hours.

I was in Downtown at work on Wednesday. I didn't have my camera out quick enough to snap a few pics, but nearly EVERY tree was down and there were more windows out than I expected. Our building, One Allen Center had a few windows missing from Floors 17, 19, and 20-something. I'm on Floor 18 -- so was missed. The walkway between Three Allen and the Allen Center Parking garage had several panes missing. Chevron took over the old Enron buildings and it looks like they have quite a few windows out -- but that was a building of glass. I did see the JP Morgan Chase building from a distance and as shown on TV, it was by-far hit the worst. There were other buildings around Smith & Dallas that had plywood up and windows out. Crazy.

Slowly things are getting back to normal. PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do for those that have been impacted. This country-girl can still rake leaves and move trees! :)

Here's just a few pics:

Robert taking down the boards on the windows.
The JOKE of a broom he made me use to sweep up the leaves. I''ll be buying him a new one soon!
Me hauling a bundle of limbs to the frontyard.

Our stack of leaves & limbs.
House just around the corner from us with NO fence standing. So many in his neighborhood fared this way.

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Kim said...

Can you drive to my old neighborhood and check it out? I'm so curious!