Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Papo's Tractor

So Jaace is into fixing up and driving tractors lately. The other weekend, while mom and dad were gone, he thought he'd teach Robert Jr to drive my Dad's tractor. I put a big no on that, yet he did it ANYWAY! Teenagers! ha ha ha

This weekend we had my dad's birthday celebration and Mamo's which is in a week or so at Mamo's house. It was really good!!! All of us on the Migl sider were able to get together -- it was great!

Uncle Allen helped Jaace get Mamo & Papo's tractor started and here he is tooling around the house & garden! It was really cool to see him up there -- Mamo drives it in parades and I can remember Papo up there riding around like it was yesterday! Still miss him terribly....

Joane relaxing after lunch -- which was YUMMY!

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