Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do you know what a buffet is?

I do! And I've been wanting one! And I've finally purchased one! Yay!

So back at the end of August Dillard's was having an "extra 40% off clearance prices" sale and of course my mom HAD to call me and tell me about and I just HAD to go! Dillard's should pay her a referral fee or something for as much as I "invest" there! :)

So I went to West Oaks Dillard's first, which I haven't been to in AGES but something tugged at me to stop there. I'm glad I did. I found 3 buffets I liked, only 1 of which was with the extra 40% off. I was heading to Wharton that weekend and wanted Robert to see it but wouldn't be able to till Saturday. The guy at West Oaks said the Sugar Land store had one in-stock and I could check there to see if I liked it and if it matched my table. But of course he encouraged me to come back to him for the purchase.

So Saturday I detoured to Sugar Land and LOVED the buffet AND it was the ONE that was 40% off! YAY!!! AND -- yes it gets better, I got it for over $150 LESS than the guy at West Oaks quoted me! It was a steal really!!! I walked out of there with the 2 pieces: the buffet and the hutch for UNDER $650. And it looks GREAT with the dining table! I love buying furniture!!!! Now I need to look into buying a HOUSE to put it in, for goodness sake!!!!!

Here it is!!!! So preeeety! (but I'm biased)

Robert thought our new Shiner bottle cap sign would be a great finishing touch. Hmmm I dunno!

This is it up close and personal -- but MY look at that DUST! Crap! I need to clean it for sure!


Jenny Popp said...

It's pretty! I think there is a bedroom suite that matches it. Mom should get paid for referrals...I know that the end of every month I will get a phone call saying, "Hey! Dillards is having an extra 30% off!" Then I HAVE to go!

Jamie C said...

I know! She's soooo bad. Shame on her for putting her daughters in debt and raising us to be shoppers. All those Day-After trips got to us!

Yes -- there is a bedroom suit that matches it -- Costa Dorado. It's pretty too. At least I know I can get the China Cabinet if and when I ever get a HOUSE!!!