Sunday, October 26, 2008

Engagement Weekend - Talk about BUSY!

So this weekend has simply flown by, simiply because it was jam-packed even BEFORE the engagement! Saturday morning Robert was up early to go help out at the West Memorial Elementary PTA Carnival. I slept in till around 8 a.m. Then the texts, phone calls and emails started (or continued!). It was GREAT!! I cannot thank you all enough for your comments and thanks and well-wishes and 'about time' 's! ha ha I hope to get to respond to you each soon!
Just be sure to MARK Oct 17, 2009 on your calendar -- it's going to be one heck of a party!!
So after the carnival Robert helped clean up while I went to meet Karena out for a quick bite and to show her the ring. We then headed to Wharton to surprise Jenny. (Nick and Robert and I had planned for a couple weeks to come up this weekend to visit and go to a play.) She initially thought we drove that way just to show her the ring. Hee Hee
We went to the play -- Of Mice and Men -- which was good, but the wine made me sleepy!
Sunday Mom, Dad, Jillian and Jaace came to Wharton for lunch to Congratulate us! It was great! We headed back to Katy early, went look at a house in Fulshear, back to Robert's, then more phone calls, emails and texts.
Everyone has been so supportive -- it's incredibly humbling. Robert and I are SO BLESSED!
Lots of love from the soon-to-be Corkren's!


Jocelyn said...

Hey Jamie, congratulations on your engagement! I saw your blog listed on Facebook (in a comment to Leigh Ann), so I had to come check it out.

Here's my blog if you want to take a peak:

Jocelyn Janota Sexton

Anonymous said...

I was all smiles Saturday morning after I got off the phone with you....I'm so happy for you and Robert. Remember I'm here to help whenever you need me.

Can't wait to see you next week.