Monday, October 13, 2008


Check out these to studly dudes! Robert & Taylor all geared up for the evening.
Kenny the Scotsman
Jamie & Jennifer
So on Saturday Robert's colleague (Bartlette) and friend (Dave) got married at their home in Bellville. Robert said it's "country-casual" and to dress country. Well shoot -- I can do that -- but that's typically in jeans and boots. So I put my thinking cap on and knew what I'd wear. It meant a quick run to Shiner to buy a new pair of dressy boots (Yes, I looked for them in Houston but no luck -- I had found them at Beran's in Shiner a couple weeks ago and KNEW I should have bought them then!). Anyway -- as you can see I had on my dress, jean jacket, pretty necklace borrowed from Jill and of course -- my new brown boots. CUTE! Howevvvvvver -- when we get to the wedding, there are no other women in "country casual"! Ohhhh man! I didn't know how to react. So I just decided I was going to get drunk and started straight away on the crown & sprite. It didnt fail me and soon after the reception the ladies donned their boots too. Maybe they were envious of me being so comfy in my 'country-casual'! HA HA HA


JennyK said...

That's awesome! Those silly girls didn't know what country casual meant...but you set them straight. You look so PRETTY!!!

Jenny Popp said...

Should have put a pic of the boots up. I wanna see them! I need a new pair.