Friday, October 10, 2008

Port Royal - ohhh the memories

So it was Port Royale (with the "e') back in the day and the rock slide is gone and it was immediate family this year -- but our first trip back to Port A, Mustang Island and Port Royal was GREAT!!! 2 new tube slides replace the rock slide which I went on ohhh about 100 times - no exaggeration. The beach was really nice (Thanks Ike!) and well -- you can't go too wrong with a weekend with the Chumchal's. We definitely have to go back next year and for an additional day!

HOWEVER -- it can never go without a few kinks. We spent the first 45 minutes at Pohler Tire Center in Shiner getting ALL the stems replaced on the Suburban (which also needs new tires). Robert and I nearly broke up. We had to leave early on Sunday to bury a very dear friend of the family. Luckily it was a great temperature outside so the water was perfect and the sun too. It did get windy on Saturday evening -- but it only made the scenery better as we laughed for a good 30 minutes at a couple of guys trying to barbeque! Quite amusing! I believe the one guy's fajitas went from tenderized beef to jerky, REAL QUICK! :)

Here's a few pictures -
The pools are still as awesome as ever:
I think this is Jenny going off the slide - hee hee - good times!Look at those studs and hot momma!
Playing in the sand is fun at ANY age!
Up-close with our Colossal Castle

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Steph & Jeff said...

Sounds like the rough start helped out the weekend! Glad things are going well with you! Miss the bunco girls---but sad, to say, time has definitely flown this year!